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As you look for on-campus jobs at your college, feel free to think outside the box. You don’t have to end up working at a coffee kiosk or in the cafeteria (though these jobs are great if they appeal to you!).

In fact, there may be some on-campus jobs that allow you to get experience in the field you intend to enter. Before you update your resume, get an idea of some interesting jobs on campus.

Give the Typical On-Campus Jobs a Chance

If your only necessity for your job in college is that it will give you a regular paycheck, you have lots of options. Think of all the departments on campus that make up the school. This will give you an idea of where to begin looking for on-campus jobs or work-study positions, if you qualify.


The first thing that might come to mind is the library. There are plenty of tasks to be done there, from organizing books to checking them out when students need to borrow them. If you like a quiet atmosphere that allows you to stay behind the scenes much of the time, the library may work for you. The campus bookstore is a similar option.


Another possibility is the cafeteria, since everyone needs to eat! You can apply for a job in the kitchen preparing food, or you can stay in the center of all the action by dishing out food or becoming a cashier. Plus, you can also apply for on-campus jobs at any fast-food restaurants or coffeehouses at your school.


Of course, administrative work is another option as you browse on-campus jobs. Many departments at your school likely have an administrative assistant and other workers in similar positions, taking care of paperwork, scheduling, and phone calls. You may even be able to do your homework during the slow periods at these types of on-campus jobs.

Find a Job That Relates to Your Major

Unless you are majoring in library science or planning to become a chef, the typical on-campus jobs may not interest you. That’s okay, because you should be able to find a job that offers experience in the subjects you like. Simply call the department for your major to find out which jobs are available!


For example, if you are in the school of journalism, you should call the college newspaper, the TV station, and the radio station to find out which (paying) jobs are available on-campus. Whether you end up writing, broadcasting, or working the camera behind the scenes, you will get valuable experience from these on-campus jobs.


If you’re interested in science, find out if you can become a lab assistant for a professor. You can also ask about becoming a research assistant for any department, since professors often need help researching. You can use this skill in practically any job in the future, so this position will provide you with more than just a paycheck.


Another idea is to become a campus tour guide, which is a good job if you know the campus well and have a positive attitude about your school. You can also look into note-taking, in which you get paid to take notes in your classes. This is often a necessary task since many campuses need to provide notes to disabled students who cannot take their own.

These on-campus jobs are just a few of the positions you may not have considered before. If you want more ideas on interesting on-campus jobs, you should attend campus job fairs and check out your college’s newspaper.

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