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If the semester is coming to a close and you still need a summer job, don’t panic!

There are plenty of options for students looking for last-minute summer job opportunities. Here’s what to do:

Talk to Student Employment Services

Most US colleges and universities have a career services office designed to help students find all kinds of jobs, from short-term summer stints to post-graduate entry-level careers. If you still need a summer job, talk to your college’s student employment services office to find out if they offer job listings, summer job placement aid, and more.

International students in need of a summer job should also talk to the international student services office to find out what type of employment they are eligible for. You may need to arrange a special visa to work legally in the United States.

Look Into Internships Providing Work Experience

Internships are a great way for students who need a summer job to get work experience in a desired field. Internships offer entry-level work experience to college students or recent graduates and can be found in almost every field, from publishing to marketing to lab work and more.

Most colleges and universities provide internship listings in their career office. Of course, the internet is also a great place to search for internships.

Be aware that because internships are considered learning experiences, many of them are unpaid. Some pay a small stipend and others can be taken for college credit. If you need a summer job that pays, make sure you find out what sort of compensation an internship offers before you sign up.

Learn About Volunteer Work

For students who aren’t 100% sure about their chosen career path, volunteer work is a great way to get work experience.

From local volunteer opportunities, like helping out at a shelter or soup kitchen, to international volunteer opportunities, like teaching English in Guatemala, there are loads of volunteer opportunities to suit any interest.

Find a Local Job

If you’re strapped for cash and unpaid work isn’t an option for you, why not look for a paid job close to campus?

Students in need of a summer job should check on-campus job listings, classified ads in the local newspaper, and online job listings for local work.

Whether you are waiting tables, lifeguarding, or working as a camp counselor, a local job is a great way to make money while getting to know your community.

Don’t Forget to Update Your Resume Before You Apply!

Employers and HR departments expect applicants to have a current, updated resume. Make sure yours includes your academic achievements, extracurricular activities and any previous work experience that could garner you an entry-level position.

If you’re nervous about the application process, don’t be shy about asking your campus career services office for help. After all, that’s what it’s there for! Many campuses offer workshops, explain what to expect during a job interview and may even conduct a sample interview with you.

Be Persistent

Remember: It may take time to find a summer job. Don’t expect to find something right away. Be patient, and be persistent.

But don’t worry. There certainly are opportunities for students who want a summer job. Just don’t wait until summer is over to find the one for you!

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