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Jobs for college students don’t just have to be about the paycheck — although the cash is definitely a big perk of any student job!

These six part-time jobs for college students offer more than just money. They help you gain valuable skills that could make scoring the job you want after graduation easier. Check them out!

1. Campus Tour Guide

Working as a campus tour guide is a great part-time job for college students that enhances your people skills and leadership ability. Plus, talking in front of large groups of people will improve your public speaking, which many students struggle with.

Practicing your public speaking, leadership and communication skills as a campus tour guide means that when you enter the full-time working world, you’ll be more comfortable giving presentations and communicating with co-workers and bosses.

2. Local Government Jobs

Local government jobs for college students could include helping local politicians with their campaigns, serving in an administrative capacity for a government agency, or contributing to local government projects, like statistics gathering.

Not only are government part-time jobs for college students a great way to lay a foundation for a future career in the government and social services sectors, they also give you valuable multitasking and people skills which you can use in any field (not to mention great job references!).

3. School Tech Support

Are you a tech whiz? Most schools offer jobs for college students in the tech department. Depending on your experience, your work could include monitoring on-campus computer labs, assisting students with their tech-related problems, or even helping to fix students’ broken laptops.

Tech support part-time jobs for college students offer you hands-on technical experience, as well the ability to interact with fellow students.

4. Alumni Services Work

Jobs for college students in a school’s alumni services division are a fantastic way to gain a variety of experience.

You may be asked to make phone calls to alumni to request donations for the school, which will help improve your phone manner. You may also help organize alumni events, which will benefit your organizational and multitasking abilities. You may even get to help put together an alumni newsletter, which will hone your professional writing and editing skills.

5. Blogging Jobs

Online blogging jobs are a fantastic option when it comes to part-time jobs for college students because the hours are flexible, making it easy for students to work around their school schedule.
Picking up a blogging job or two in college will improve your writing and research skills, and allow you to develop more effective writing techniques. That’s always a big plus in the working world!

6. Community Service

Community service jobs for college students offer a wide variety of options. You’ll get to help organize fundraising events, contribute to the organization’s website or newsletter, and promote the organization by speaking at public events.

Part-time jobs for college students in the community service sector not only allow you to develop communication and organizational skills, but also show future employers that you are involved and active in your local community.

Boost Your Resume

Student work can mean more than simply making money. Finding work that develops skills valued in the “real world,” like communication, organization, public speaking, and professional writing, is a great way to create a strong resume.

From tech support to community service, there are plenty of part-time jobs for college students that can help boost your resume! Whether you choose one of these six types of jobs or something completely different, you’ll still get the opportunity to acquire skills that future employers will value.

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