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More than 80% of employees enjoy working with people from different cultures. After all, learning about others’ traditions, beliefs, and interests is what keeps the workplace interesting. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in another culture, you might consider pursuing an international career after college. 

Use your college degree to travel the globe, share your knowledge with others, and develop your skills to make the world a better place. Below are some of the most unique international career options available to help you narrow down your search and choose the best job abroad for you. 

1. International Journalist

An international journalist travels the globe looking for and reporting on breaking news. This unique international career opportunity allows you to explore different countries, stay up to date on current events, and share relevant information with those back home.

To enter this field, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree at the very least. Employers may also want to see writing samples or broadcasting clips and proof of real-world experience.

Consequently, landing a job as a foreign correspondent straight out of college is highly unlikely. However, after a few years of reporting at home, you may qualify for a position abroad. 

2. Freelance Writer

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of adventure, you may consider becoming a freelance blogger or copywriter. As long as you have a computer and internet access, you can easily write from anywhere in the world. 

Of course, you’ll have to put in the work to continuously find new clients and build a portfolio to maintain a consistent, dependable income. However, if marketing yourself and your skills comes naturally to you, freelance work may be the most flexible career path of all.

Plus, studies show that working remotely can results in 22% more happiness and satisfaction in your work. 

3. Local Tour Guide

The travel and tourism industry has always made a significant contribution to countries’ economies. Of course, 2020 put a damper on things and reduced global revenue. However, in a post-pandemic world, people are likely to travel more than ever, creating more international career opportunities within the industry. 

Consider entering the world of travel by becoming a tour guide in your dream destination. Even if you feel under-qualified or don’t have any hospitality or tourism experience, finding an entry-level position shouldn’t be too difficult.

Once you secure a job, you can quickly learn about the city, build a portfolio, and use your income to fund weekend adventures. 

4. English Teacher

Teaching English is one of the best and most popular international career opportunities abroad. Each job is unique and offers a different experience to American graduates.

Partner with a remote teaching program and help international students learn English, or travel to their country and immerse yourself in your students’ culture. 

Both options will allow you the freedom to travel and explore new destinations. However, online jobs will typically require you to have a bachelor’s degree.

Overseas teaching jobs may also require Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification. 

5. Au Pair

An au pair is a professional live-in babysitter or nanny. In addition to taking care of the children, an au pair will often provide language lessons to their charges and preform household chores in exchange for room, board, and a weekly income.

Parents all over the world are constantly looking to hire au pairs, so there are endless opportunities for you to enter this industry, live abroad, and even make professional nannying your full-time career. 

While you may not need a degree to compete for this job, it certainly won’t hurt to have a bachelor’s degree in your back pocket, especially if the focus is on child development or education.

Most parents also look for au pairs with previous child care experience. 

6. Software Developer

Thanks to widespread technological integration and expanded internet accessibility, software development is now one of most highly-sought jobs abroad.

Full-stack developers and engineers are the most in-demand professions, providing myriad travel opportunities for those looking to kickstart an international career. 

Use your degree to work remotely from anywhere in the world or join a company overseas. All you need is your computer, an eye for design, and a working knowledge of certain online platforms and programs.

Talent for writing code can also come in handy, so don’t hesitate to take that Python or JavaScript bootcamp. 

7. Medical Professional

As demand for health care services increases, more positions will become available for medical professionals. Researchers expect the employment of registered nurses to grow 7% between 2019 and 2029.

Meanwhile, medical professionals that can assist in international development and humanitarian relief will also be vital. 

In addition to your degree, it’s helpful to have prior international experience if you want to work abroad, especially in the midst of a pandemic.

Knowing a second language can be advantageous and help you land an international job that much faster.

Apply directly to health providers or work with a recruitment agency if you want to have a career in a specific country. 

Starting Small and Saving Up

You may not secure your dream job right out of college. Instead, you might have to intern or volunteer abroad before making it on the payroll.

If your heart is set on an international career, start small and start saving. That way, you can get your foot in the door and have the savings you need to make the big move overseas.


About Ginger Abbot: Ginger Abbot writes on a variety of educational topics, including international study and career planning. She also serves as Editor-in-Chief for the learning publication Classrooms, where you can read more of her work.

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