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After a job interview you probably feel like celebrating, as your pre-interview nerves are finally calming down.

While you definitely deserve a treat, it’s important to realize that your work isn’t done. What you do after the interview is just as important as what you did to prepare for the job interview.

To make a great impression on your potential employer, there are certain steps you should take after a job interview. Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about what to do after a job interview.

Should I send a thank you note after the job interview?

Yes! Thank you notes are the final touch you can give after the job interview to impress your potential employer. Personal, unique, and thoughtful, a thank you note will help you land the job.

Can I say thank you via email?

While this is a rule that is becoming a bit more flexible, a thank you letter by post is still considered ideal. It gives a personal touch and ensures that your note won’t just be left unopened in the “low priority” folder of somebody’s email box.

That being said, if you are applying for a job in the tech world (specifically in the start-up realm) emails are by and large the norm.

When will I hear from the potential employer?

This varies a lot – you might hear back in a couple days, a few weeks or even as much as a month later. This depends a lot on the company, the position, and how many people they are interviewing for the job. At the end of the interview, it’s acceptable to ask when you can expect to hear from them. Many interviewers will automatically give you a time frame as to when they will let you know if they want to hire you.

How will they get in touch with me?

Again, this depends on the company. Most likely, they will get in touch after a job interview via telephone or email. Make a note of which contact information you gave them (i.e. which email address or telephone number if you have more than one) and be sure to check all of those email boxes and voicemails daily.

Can I follow-up if I don’t hear from them?

If it’s past the point that you were supposed to hear back from the company, it’s acceptable to follow up with a phone call or email – usually email is preferable. As tempting as it may be to keep contacting the company until you get a concrete answer (you’ve put all that effort into dressing professionally, putting together a resume and sending a thank you note), don’t!  You’ll just end up annoying the people in HR. It’s sort of like dating: if they’re still interested in you, they’ll get in touch.

When can I relax?!

If you’ve sent your thank-you notes out and followed up, you’ve done pretty much all you can. Now it’s time to relax!

Job interviews can be stressful, especially for students or recent graduates who don’t have a ton of interview experience.

So after your job interview is over, be sure to treat yourself. Whether it’s splurging on a tasty meal or soaking in a hot bath, make sure you do something after the job interview to reward yourself and get rid of any jitters that remain!

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