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An internship can serve as a valuable way to jumpstart any career. Whether you’d like to work as an accountant or a chemist, it’s important to gain experience before you apply for jobs. 

However, many internships have recently moved online due to COVID-19. These new remote opportunities offer the chance for both domestic and international students to find work. That’s why you should take the time to learn about remote positions including where to find them and how to apply.

Here’s how to find remote internships for any career path and ensure you stand out amongst your competition.

What Does a Remote Internship Entail?

In general, you can expect a remote internship to be fully virtual.

A traditional internship may offer experiences alongside your work, like events where you can make connections with beneficial contacts. In today’s landscape, it’s difficult for companies to provide those add-ons. Still, while you may miss out on those extras, it’s possible for you to have a worthwhile time.

Your work as an intern will depend on a few factors. Your day may include projects, emails, and calls. You’ll do most tasks online unless your employer requires you to perform other duties. For example, you’d likely interact with businesses and clients to plan events if you interned for a public relations firm. It could help to look at a few job posts for your specific field so that you know what to expect.

You may also find your internship has more responsibilities. Because you won’t work from an office with co-workers, it’s up to you to manage your daily routine as an employee. This component may seem stressful — but it’s a helpful lesson on how to work as an adult. Many interns enjoy remote internships because they’re more flexible than regular options. Your work depends on you.

In any case, you should weigh each pro and con before you commit to a role. Make sure you’ll benefit from this experience so that you don’t waste your time.

Ways to Look Like a Successful Candidate

Before you learn how to find remote internships, it’s essential to ensure you’re a desirable candidate. And the first step is creating an appropriate resume for a remote internship.

You should highlight your past experience, relevant skills, and current education. Be sure to tailor your resume to each individual role. You’ll want to tell a similar story for your cover letter. It’s also helpful to talk about any abilities you have that specifically apply to online work. These two documents need to help you stand out as an ideal candidate.

You should also know how to ace each interview. You’ll likely have to navigate through phone calls before you schedule any video chats. In any case, it’s best to make sure you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Practice makes perfect. As soon as you know about an interview, it’s time to review potential interview questions so that you’re ready. You need to know your resume from top to bottom, too.

This process can feel like work itself — especially if you have to deal with classes as you look for an internship. Make sure to leave enough room for free time. You’ll still be able to browse through websites and send along applications after you relax for a few hours. It’s far easier to be your best self when you pay attention to your mental health. Don’t let these pressures overwhelm you.

How to Find a Remote Internship

You’ll be able to find remote internships through a few different methods. Be sure to check out internship websites so that you can access various opportunities.

In addition to typical job search sites, your college or university might have its own database of possible internship positions — check with your career office to see what they recommend and whether they fund unpaid student internships.

It’s essential to conduct your search on multiple platforms. Don’t be afraid to apply for “out-of-reach” positions, either. You may not feel like you have enough experience for specific roles — but you never know what could happen.

As you narrow down options, it’s also essential to reach out to people you know. You may have professors, advisors, or colleagues who have an open remote role for you. Take time to build a relationship with these individuals. It’s okay if they don’t currently have an internship for you. Those connections can lead to a post-graduation job. Do your best to maintain conversations to keep them updated on your journey.

This Guide Can Help You Become a Remote Intern

As today’s employment landscape shifts to online work, it’s crucial to adapt. You can learn how to find remote internships through these steps. Though you may need to make a few adjustments, it’s essential to evolve with these changes. Use these tips and tricks so that you can land a perfect remote internship.


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