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Summer might seem like a world away, but the winter months are an ideal time to find a summer internship!

Taking the time to find a summer internship in advance can give you the upper hand and help you land the job, especially for students looking at competitive positions or internship programs with early deadlines.

Many recruiters try to find interns ahead of time – since the summer break is only a few months, employers want interns to be ready to go when vacation starts. But how do you find a summer internship?

Remember these 4 steps when you start your search:

1) Know What You’re Looking For

Before you start your internship search, take some time to think about what you want from the position.

You might be trying to find a summer internship in a certain field or with a specific company. Maybe you only want to look for internships close to home, or near your college town.

Knowing what you want from your internship can make the search more manageable – and help you find a summer internship that you can’t wait to start!

2) Visit Your School’s Career Services

Many colleges and universities have career centers – a great resource to help you find a summer internship!

Your school’s career counselors can tell you what’s available, keep you informed about deadlines, look over your applications, or tell you about upcoming job fairs.

Especially when summer is approaching, career centers can be flooded with students trying to find a summer internship last-minute. Beat the rush and stop by your school’s career services now – you’ll get more attention and have more time to find an internship!

3) Browse Your Favorite Websites

Some of the best resources to help you find a summer internship are right at your fingertips. Check out the websites of your favorite companies or organizations to see what internship opportunities they offer.

Some businesses have organized programs for interns that might require an application, an essay or professional recommendations – along with your internship resume and cover letter. These programs often have early deadlines, so keep those dates in mind when you’re out to find a summer internship.

Other companies might not offer internship programs, but could still be open to hiring interns. Send an email to the department you’re interested in and ask if you could find a summer internship with their company. It never hurts to ask!

4) Spread the Word

Letting people know about your search is one of the best (and easiest!) ways to find a summer internship.

Talk to your professors, family members, friends and past employers about what you’re looking for. They’ll remember you if they hear of an opportunity – and getting the word out early will give them time to find a summer internship that fits the bill.

Many schools give students access to their alumni network – a database of professional alumni that you can call for information about your field.

Contact these alums and chat with them about their company and their positions. They could give you some useful tips – or know how to find a summer internship in the field.

Starting your search early can help you stay on track to find a summer internship. Take some time between classes – or over your winter break – to brush up your resume and find a summer internship that’s right for you!

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