If you are considering applying to be an international student at McGill University or any other college in Quebec, be aware of possible tuition increases.

McGill’s campus newspaper recently reported that the government in Quebec is considering some changes when it comes to tuition for international students.

Reasons Behind the Tuition Changes

Quebec government officials are trying to reduce costs associated with students who attend school from other Canadian provinces and other countries. During the 2011-2012 school year, the government funded about $318 million of the money it took to educate international students, and it now wants to reduce that by about $60 million.

Aside from simply wanting to save money, members of Quebec’s government are likely looking at the fact that tuition for many programs there is lower than in Ontario.

In addition, in 2011, nearly half of the international students enrolled got exemptions from the higher fees they normally would have paid, so the government had to foot more of the bill.

What Does This Mean for Future International Students in Quebec?

If there’s less government funding for Quebec’s international students, tuition for those students is bound to increase.

However, this mostly means Quebec is becoming more similar to other popular study abroad destinations. After all, most students from other countries expect to pay more than local residents do, yet they still choose to study outside their home country because it’s often worth the cost. This is probably the case for you, too.

But if you were already wondering how you were going to pay tuition to study in Canada, this is understandably worrisome news. Just keep in mind that no decisions have been made yet, and even if there is a tuition hike, it might be minimal.

Your Options as an International Student

If you want to make sure you can still afford to go to school in Quebec, make sure you look at your financial aid options as early on as possible. Getting one or more grants, scholarships, and loans can make it possible for you to afford the costs associated with being an international student in Canada.

You might also be able to get a job once you arrive. Just be sure to find out what the job options for international students are in Quebec, since your student visa could come with some restrictions.

And of course, you are advised to continue keeping an eye out for the latest news regarding the possible tuition increase for international students in Quebec. The sooner you know what kind of changes to expect, the more prepared you will feel as you get ready to apply for college in another country.

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