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If you have ever considered studying abroad in France, you’re not alone. India in particular has seen an increase in students choosing to attend a French college.

The reasons for this rise in enrollment include tuition assistance and France’s lax labor laws regarding international students. A wide selection of majors and bilingual professors also help make France a popular place for students to study abroad.

Financial Incentives

One of the main reasons many Indian students now choose to study abroad in France is that the country provides plenty of financial support for school. International students have found that they can get grants and scholarships from many colleges in France.

In addition, international students in France can find jobs without first applying for a work permit, though their hours are usually limited to less than 20 per week while school is in session. Still, this allows foreign students to support themselves during their stay.

Those who study abroad in France are also often able to find internships during their time at school, since French colleges frequently have connections with major businesses offering positions. What’s more, as of spring 2015, France introduced a new two-year residence permit that allows Indian graduates to stay in country for an additional two years following graduation.

Multiple Majors to Choose From

Many Indians and other international students appreciate the broad selection of majors at French schools.
Traditionally, common subjects at French colleges include gourmet cooking, fashion and humanities. If you are interested in a career dealing with one of these subjects, the decision to study abroad in France is probably a good one.

But lately, many schools in France are also specializing in majors like robotics, nuclear energy, astrophysics, aeronautics, applied math and more. There are more than 80 universities in France, so you should be able to find an undergraduate or even a graduate study abroad program you can benefit from.

French Culture and Language

If you want to learn French, studying abroad in France is a great way to immerse yourself in this language.

But even if you are not interested in learning this language, you can still take classes in this country since most are now available in English. This wasn’t always the case, and France’s new-found accommodation of English-speaking students is likely another large factor in its growing popularity for international students.

Regardless of where you decide to study abroad, remember that you’ll need to have a variety of documents translated by professionals. Translation of your diploma and transcripts, birth certificate and medical records is crucial as you prepare to go to school abroad.

Have you ever studied abroad in France, or another country? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!

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