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If you’re planning your study abroad experience, don’t forget to consider what you will bring as a host family gift!

If you have chosen to live with a family during your study abroad experience as your study abroad housing option, it’s important to not come empty-handed. After all, this family has agreed to take you into their home for the duration of the your stay.

Gift giving is a universal gesture of respect and appreciation, especially upon meeting for the first time.

Studying abroad can be pricey. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your host family gift! Gifts don’t have to be expensive, as long as they reflect where you are from. Here are a few ideas for host family gifts:

1. Edibles

Does your state have a representative food? For example, if you’re from Vermont, bring some authentic maple syrup as a host family gift. It is delicious, easy to carry and inexpensive as well as being a (sweet) taste of where you’ve come from. Just make sure that whatever you choose can travel safely — and legally — in your luggage.

2. Sports Paraphernalia

When your host family is chosen, see if you can find out who you’ll be living with. Are there teenagers in the house? They’re probably interested in sports. If you’re a sports fan as well, consider buying a mug, sports cap or jersey that represents your favorite US sports team as a host family gift! This gift doubles as a great conversation-starter upon your arrival.

3. US-Themed Items

Your host family will likely be interested in basic things about the United States that you might not even consider. US-themed items such as a small collection of US stamps or postcards, an “I ♥ NY” tee, or a mug advertising your state/town all make great host family gifts!

Make a Great First Impression!

Living with a host family while studying abroad is often a very rewarding experience and it’s important to have a good relationship with your new hosts during your stay. Since first impressions are key, make sure to get a thoughtful host family gift before your departure abroad!

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