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If you plan on watching a US college TV series or two to get an idea of what you can look forward to in the fall, make sure you remember to take them with a grain of salt.

After all, whether you’re tuning into a current show or re-watching a classic, if you’re turning to them for more than pure entertainment value, it’s important to consider just how realistic the program you’re watching really is!

Each of these college TV shows offers a little dose of reality with a fair amount of unrealistic aspects sprinkled in.


This current college TV series does a great job of featuring a quirky group of students, all varying ages and from different backgrounds who are attending the same community college and who manage to find some common ground. They don’t always get along with each other and often times the members of the group get a bit competitive (paintball anyone?), but in the end they’re in it together.

Though it is admirable that the show’s study group is what brought these friends together, it is odd that they rarely seem to get much studying done! Their silly antics and sometimes crazy adventures tend to distract them from ever getting very far in their occasional attempts at studying. In real life, they would never pass their classes without some intense study time, but then again, study scenes aren’t exactly the most exciting things for audiences to watch.


This show was always full of awkward yet realistic moments. Freshman Rusty’s nerdy and naïve tendencies made for some hilarious, but relatable moments while his older sister Casey, who had the life he wanted and was well-known in the Greek system, had her share of troubles, too proving that college can be challenging no matter how popular you are.

Of course, this college TV series was unrealistic in that it seemed to suggest that every student is either part of the Greek system, or is yearning to be. This may not be surprising since the show focused on sororities and fraternities, but it seemed strange that every major and minor character eventually joined.


This college TV show was short-lived, but it is a favorite among many American high school and college students who remember it. As the title suggests, it focused on a few students with no declared major, which is a common occurrence for college students. This, along with the focus on the social scene in college, made it easy for viewers to relate to.

However, some of the odd situations, including having a one-night stand with Adam Sandler, did not seem particularly realistic. The characters tended to be relatable, but the events in each episode of this college TV series were not.

Beverly Hills, 90210

The show’s characters entered college in the fourth season, and the audience got to see them mature from high school. Though most of them stayed in touch with each other, relationships changed over the years, which tends to happen.

However, much like the high school years, this TV show was not especially realistic during college. Many of the characters were more privileged than the average student is, and the location itself has likely always been hard for many teens to relate to, not to mention the extremely dramatic situations that were a constant occurrence.

What are your favorites?

The main point of the typical American college TV show is to entertain, but it is also nice when a TV program features characters and situations that real students can relate to. What is your favorite college TV series, and how realistic do you think it is?

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