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Let’s face it. Most New Year’s resolutions for students are unrealistic and boring. But they don’t have to be!

College students: These New Year’s resolutions will help improve your life – and you’ll even have fun keeping them… seriously!

This year, resolve to:

1. Put a stop to procrastination.

Procrastination is the number one enemy of many college students, and overcoming it may already be the number one New Year’s resolution on your list! Save yourself the sleepless all-nighters of cramming for exams or writing last-minute papers by getting started early with future school projects.

Getting good grades as a result is a great plus, but I’m not about to tell you that should be your only reward for conquering procrastination! Reward yourself for real: take the money you would have spent on questionable late-night delivery food and treat yourself to a nice dinner out.

2. Be better at keeping in touch with family.

I admit that I need to add this to my own list of New Year’s resolutions – writing and calling my grandmother more frequently should be at the top. Take the time to keep in touch in the coming year; yes, it can be time-consuming, but it also means more emails, fun postcards, and care packages coming back to you, which is pretty cool. (Plus, you know, they aren’t going to be around forever.)

3. Practice self-care.

Don’t party so hard. Drink less. Quit smoking. Get yourself to the gym. Sleep more. I bet none of those sound like fun, right? Trust me, taking care of yourself is worth adding to the list of any student’s New Year’s resolutions.

For one thing, it doesn’t have to be a bore: try joining an intramural sports team to stay fit. You’ll be surprised by how much better you feel when you start living a healthier lifestyle. It’s also a great way to beat college student stress.
Plus, self-care can also mean taking a mental health day to refocus or spending a quiet evening to yourself. Maybe try out a new face mask or take a bubble bath.

And don’t forget, less money spent partying means more money to spend on worthwhile things – like a spring break trip, maybe?

4. Quit daydreaming in class.

When you make the effort to really pay attention in class, you’ll be surprised by how much more interesting it is. Participating in class is a great way to feel more connected to the material.

And here’s another idea: ditch the laptop. Half-way through my college career I decided to start taking class notes by hand and was surprised to find that I was able to focus much more intently when I wasn’t staring at a screen and typing blindly, or checking out completely and scrolling through Instagram.

Pro Tip: If you’re having trouble staying wake in class, before buying that extra large coffee from the campus cafe, try these natural ways to stay alert.

5. Keep your dorm room clean.

Instead of letting the laundry pile up, make an effort to keep your dorm room clean (or cleaner, depending on your current habits).

Some college students assume that just because dorm rooms are so small and dull, there’s no point in trying to make it look nice. Try decorating your dorm room to create a cozy space to enjoy in the coming year. Think of it as creating your own little oasis.

6. Broaden your reading selection.

I know, I know, you already have loads of reading to do for all your college classes. More reading is the last New Year’s resolution students should make, right? Wrong. What you read outside of class is just as important (and often more interesting) than what you read for class.

If you don’t already, read a daily newspaper (online for free!). Or take some time to relax and read one of the books you got for Christmas, even if it has nothing to do with school – especially if it has nothing to do with school.

7. Go beyond your comfort zone.

Try something new that’s just for you, whether it’s taking a totally random elective (the joy of music?) or doing a part-time unpaid internship. Or go really big and apply to study abroad for the summer or fall semester! After all, the point of college is to create well-rounded, educated adults – not robots who can recite textbook information at the drop of a hat.

A good New Year’s resolution for students is simply to keep in mind that being successful in college does not mean losing yourself totally in your studies.

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