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Under 21 nightlife can seem somewhat limited. With no access to clubs or bars, underage students are often left wondering what they can do on weekend nights.

You don’t have to be at a place that serves alcohol to have fun! There are plenty of under 21 nightlife ideas that are just as fun and entertaining.

If you enjoy the company you’re with, you’re not likely to get bored. Here are some under 21 nightlife ideas to try with your friends:

1) Karaoke

There are few better under 21 nightlife ideas than karaoke. What could be more fun than watching your friends sing their hearts out to all their favorite songs, particularly if their vocal skills aren’t exactly stellar?

For those of you trying to save money, it’s also inexpensive! If you get a bunch of friends together and rent out a karaoke room for the evening, you’re sure to have a great time on the cheap.

2) Bowling

Bowling is yet another one of those awesome under 21 nightlife ideas that never gets old. It’s fun to do in groups or even one-on-one–you can impress your date with your pin-striking skills!

Especially if you’ve got a bit of a competitive streak, and enjoy groovin’ to the tunes of cosmic bowling, this is a great under 21 nightlife idea for you to try.

3) Movies

Did a new movie come out that you’ve been wanting to see? Do you like foreign films? Turn it into an evening! Grab some friends and hit the theaters. Afterward, you can get a bite to eat somewhere nearby and discuss what you thought of the flick.

Are you an old movie buff? A great under 21 nighlife idea would be to find a theater in your town that shows old movies and see what they’re featuring that weekend. Also a great inexpensive date idea, it’s great to watch classics on the silver screen.

4) Board Games

Are you strapped for cash? Invite your friends over for a night in. There are plenty of awesome board games that will keep you entertained for hours–Risk, Trivial Pursuit and Boggle are a few of our favorites!

5) Dance Party

Though you may not be able to get into all dance clubs yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a dance party! There are usually several clubs (particularly in larger cities) that cater to under 21 nightlife.

They likely have “teen nights” that allow admission to those 18 and up. Though you won’t be getting served alcohol, you’ll still be able to dance the night away.

And if you don’t find any under 21 nightlife clubs in your area, throw a party yourself! Just invite your friends, dim the lights and put on some funky grooves for a home-made dance party.

Just because you’re under 21, your social life doesn’t have to be boring. Be creative! Under 21 nightlife can be more fun and exciting than you thought.

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