If you’re in college or recently graduated, you probably know of a few international students who came to the US for college. You might have also met a few foreign exchange students in high school.

However, current high school students are more likely than ever to have an international student in their classes.

A recent study shows a drastic increase in international students coming to the US for a high school education, and they’re not using typical foreign exchange programs.

The Reason for the New Trend

A report recently showed that the US has attracted more than three times the number of international high school students that it did 10 years ago. The likely reason is that they are trying to improve their chance of being accepted to an American college.

After all, the college admissions process in the US can be confusing, especially when you are coming from another country. On top of the regular process you have to deal with entrance requirements, such as visas and immunizations.

What’s more, if you are not a native English speaker, you will likely also have a language barrier to contend with when you apply to school in the US. You nay have to take the TOEFL if you’re an international student.

But if you go to high school in the US and are already used to the language, you can avoid many of these issues.

Interesting Findings

The Chronicle of Higher Education put together some intriguing facts gleaned from the report. For example, it was discovered that most students not in a foreign exchange program chose to attend private high schools. This is probably due to visa restrictions that do not permit international students to stay at a public school for more than one year.

In addition, it seems that international high school students hailing from South America and Europe tend to only come to US high schools for short periods of time, such as a year or less. On the other hand, Asian international students are more likely to stay at US schools until they graduate.

The Need for Transcript Translation

Whether international high school students plan to stay at schools in the US for just a year or spend a full four years here, most will need to get their transcripts translated in order apply.

Of course, many international high school students can speak some English and might try translating their transcripts on their own. But this is an easy way to introduce mistakes into their school documents, which is why professional translation of transcripts is crucial.

How ULS Can Help

If you’re an international student applying to high schools in the US, ULS can help with all your translation needs. From academic transcripts to medical records and birth certificates, we provide professional, certified translation services in more than 200 languages.

Contact us today to learn more about our translation services. Call 1-800-419-4601 or simply fill out our free quote form.

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