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As graduation day looms nearer, it’s important to take advantage of the dwindling days left on campus.

College is a time to learn as much as you can and have fun. Make the most of it now while you still can!

If you’re inclined to feel depressed and languid when good things end, this is the one time when you shouldn’t.
Be as active as possible and just have a good time!

This list of things to do before graduating includes items of business and pleasure. (We want these last few weeks of college to be both productive and rewarding!)

Since there’s so little time left, let’s get started:

1. Participate in everything.

In college, you are a part of a very privileged community. Clubs, sporting events, lectures and performances are all a short walk away. Life may never be like that for you again.

If you’re not normally active on campus, start gathering your friends and go to everything those posters around campus advertise. You’ll learn a lot, meet new people (which is good for networking), make memories and gain more pride in your college.

2. Visit your professors.

This is probably one of the most important things you can do before graduating college. If there are any professors you developed a rapport with, even if it was way back in freshman year, stop by during their office hours.

Talk to them about your college experience and be sure to mention how much their class and mentorship meant to you. Tell them about your future plans, too – maybe they can give you advice or know of some internships they could recommend you for (networking again!).

3. Be traditional.

Many colleges, especially those with a long history, have traditions. At Wheaton College, for instance, students get thrown into the school fountain every year on their birthday.

If you haven’t done these kinds of traditions in the past, start doing them now! They’ll make great stories later. (Just be sure that it’s not something you could get in trouble for.)

4. Revisit your old dorm.

Get your friends together and go see your past dorm rooms. Talk to the underclassmen living there now – they are liable to be curious about your experience. Plus, it can actually be a lot of fun to discuss how you arranged the room and all the memories you made in it.

5. Compose your first resume.

Consider how your time in college has contributed to your overall professional development. Professional resume experts can provide you with a resume that highlights your awards, activities and accomplishments during college.

A polished resume will smooth your transition into the professional world.

6. Go to those special senior events.

Some schools arrange activities for seniors in the days before graduation. They can range from special one-time discounts at restaurants to huge nighttime bashes. Look into what your college provides, and participate!

College is a special time in your life. Prior to graduation, think of the things you always wanted to do but never did.

Pull an all-nighter with your friends in which you just hang around campus or watch your favorite graduation movies. Go to the places you haven’t been since you were underclassmen. Throw a party. Play Frisbee on the quad.

Do these six things before graduating college – you will be glad you did.

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