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If you’ve read our five things to do before graduating college, you should also take a look at these five things NOT to do before graduating college!

As much as we want you to have fun, you’ve worked too long and too hard in college to ruin it all now. After all, employers will see your degree information and grad schools expect a high GPA!

We know the weather is warming up and your time as a student is nearing its end, but please don’t slack off!

Keep our list of things not to do before graduating in mind, and you should be golden.

1. DON’T skip class.

It has been a very long winter, and the day the thermometer hits 80 degrees is the day everyone will want to skip their classes. Please don’t, and this goes for non-seniors, too. These last few classes before finals are sure to be important, and your professor still expects you to show up. Keep up that participation grade!

2. DON’T ignore your homework and papers.

Take your textbook or laptop outside if you want to enjoy the sunshine, but don’t ignore what you need to get done. If you keep up with your assignments, you’ll be more prepared for the final and maintain your good grades.

For those of you writing a thesis, I don’t need to tell you how important completing that is, either.

3. DON’T forget about finals.

Regardless of what class it is, your final grade is dependent upon, well, your final grade. You must keep studying.

If there’s a party the night before that you really want to go to, manage your time wisely so that you’re prepared for the next day, don’t drink too much, and make sure you get enough sleep. Finals time is no time to lose your focus.

4. DON’T do something that will get you in trouble.

You paid thousands upon thousands of dollars and devoted hundreds upon hundreds of hours to get that diploma. It’d be a shame if one poor decision during your last few days at college prevented you from receiving it.

Be aware of your college’s rules for expulsion if you aren’t already, though usually the best thing you can do is use your common sense and good judgment, and try not to go too crazy at those parties.

5. DON’T sulk.

Yes, college is ending, and it’s easy to just stay in your room remembering the fun times and dreading the future. But right now, try to focus on the present. The fun times aren’t over yet! Spend some time with your friends, visit the places you liked best, and just have fun with your friends while you still can.

If thoughts of the future are paralyzing you, get proactive about looking for work or talk to your friends about their plans. Even putting a little bit of certainty into your future will make you feel so much better.

Follow this list and our list of five things to do before graduating, and you should be set for a happy and productive end to your college career.

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