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When you’re in college, it’s pretty easy to make friends. You’re always surrounded by people in your dorm and in the classroom who are mostly about your age, and you have at least one thing to talk about: the school you all attend.

Add to that extracurricular activities like clubs and intramural sports teams, not to mention all sorts of on-campus events ranging from shows and dance parties to guest lecturers and open mic nights, and it’s not hard to see why so many college students have trouble balancing their social life with their school work.

But what happens when you graduate? Suddenly it’s not so easy to make friends. But fear not! We have the tips you need to ensure that social calendar stays full.

Volunteer in Your Community

If your social life after college is pretty bland, you probably have some free time to get out and about in your city. The easiest way to get started is to volunteer somewhere, since hardly anyone will turn down your offer to basically work for free!

You can check with local churches, food banks and soup kitchens to find out if they need volunteers. There are also tons of websites out there with volunteer listings. You’re bound to interact with other people who are also volunteering their time and who knows, you might just find you have more than one thing in common.

Join a Club or Local Group

If you want to relax during your free time, you can get involved in your community in a few other ways. Joining a book club at the local library is one option, as is joining a church, gym, or any other local groups where regular attendance is expected and encouraged.

A super popular website right now is Meetup. This site is all about helping people find others in their area with common interests. They have tons of different groups that pretty much cover any interest you could possibly have from photography to playing the accordion. Every group has planned weekly or monthly get togethers.

This way, you’ll already have something in common with the people you meet. And, if you hit it off, you can get together outside of scheduled meetings.

Try Something New

So you’re done with college and your social life seems to be lacking. Now is the time to be adventurous so you can change that! Start by thinking about an activity you have always wanted to try but haven’t gotten around to yet.

Maybe it’s martial arts or bowling. Perhaps it’s cooking or wine tasting. Regardless of the group or class you join, you’ll quickly meet other people who share at least one of your interests.

This can help any conversation flow naturally. Of course, the more you talk to the new people you meet, the more you’ll find you have in common, jump starting your social life after college.

Make Friends at Work

When you’re at work, you’re surrounded by many of the same people every day, just like you were in college. So why not take advantage of this and get your social life back on track after you graduate?

You can start by making small talk with your coworkers until you find out what you have in common. Maybe on Monday morning you can simply ask about their weekend. Or see if they want to grab lunch one day?

Once you have had a few good discussions at work – and possibly even have some inside jokes – you can encourage the friendship to grow outside of the office by adding them on social media or arranging a happy hour or coffee meetup with the coworkers you’d like to get to know better.

Just because you recently graduated from college doesn’t mean you have to leave your fulfilling social life behind! You can make and keep friends after college. It just takes a little more patience and effort.

How are you maintaining your social life post-college? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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