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If you’re considering majoring in a foreign language, you’ve got plenty of options! After all, the demand for workers fluent in more than one language continues to go up as the world gets smaller.

Not sure what foreign language career is for you?

Here are 5 industries to consider:

1. News

Are you looking for a career in news? A foreign correspondent is a journalist or commentator who communicates information to newspapers, radio or television while stationed in a foreign country. The perks are awesome: study another language and travel the world!

2. Government

Government agencies have plenty of foreign language career opportunities. For example, the FBI looks for linguists who are proficient in a wide variety of languages.

FBI language employees must be fluent in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, complete several oral and written examinations, and be US citizens.

3. Corporate

There are many foreign language careers available in the corporate world.

As companies grow, they need professional linguists to help market their products in other countries. Corporate expansion requires specialized language departments to handle the localization and translation of their products.

4. Film

The film industry offers an incredibly broad range of foreign language career options because it is part of a global community. In order to communicate with other parts of the world, professional linguists may be needed on-set … and when the movie hits the screen!

5. Medical

Foreign language careers in the medical field are becoming more available (and vital!) with the waves of immigration into the United States.

Translators and interpreters are needed in both hospitals and clinics.  Being familiar with medical terminology is especially important for those who intend to be medical language professionals.

What foreign language career are you qualified for? That depends on the degree of your language proficiency as well as other skills you might have.

If you are looking to work in a country other than the US, you will likely need to translate your resume and other personal documents.

Foreign language careers vary depending on the nature of the business or organization. Just do your research and study hard, the perfect language career for you is waiting!

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