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“My college days were boring” said nobody ever! Studenthood makes up one of the most cherishable parts of our lives. Those college years are full of learning, freedom, firsts, and lots of ups and downs. But for those starting their final semester of college, an inner voice alarms us of a massive change inbound our way. It echoes of job, responsibility, goals, finances, and life planning. Pretty much everything that we always ran away from in college.

Within that echo hides another deep reality, the Corporate Realm. It can be exciting, yet scary for many.

Worry not! This article will be your pocket guide and compass as you transition from the college bubble to a world where hard-work, know-how, and a self-driven attitude will be your keys to success.

These are the 5 things students must know when entering the corporate realm.

The Change

You know it’s coming. In college, you knew the basic rules of the game because they were basically the same as high school: wake up, go to class, study for finals, earn a passing grade. You had more freedom than when you were living at home and if you decided to skip a class one day, you could without having to get permission. No one was holding your hand, but no one was really holding you accountable either. The scenario will be completely different in the corporate world in the following ways.


As a newbie in the business world, remember “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” and “victory loves preparation.” Whatever your new job is about, make sure you are mentally and physically prepared to undertake it. To rise atop your company’s ladder, you’ll have to be efficient. And to be efficient, keep the following things in mind:

  • Stay organized. If you already are, no worries. But if you are not an organized person, become one! Otherwise, things will quickly start falling out of your hands and become a real mess. Start using to-do planners, checklists, and personal management systems. You can use apps on your smartphone too, to stay organized. It will be tedious at first, but trust us, it’ll be worth it in the long run. So make this a life-habit.
  • Learn to network. People, businesses, and companies grow on the bases of their networks. The more connections and influential people you’ll have in your network, the easier your corporate career path will become. So, create an outstanding LinkedIn profile, and start networking today.


Corporate culture is entirely different from college culture. Here, people work to earn, and they are hired for profitability. It is a give-and-take relationship. Always keep these points in check when you enter a company:

  • You are hired to add value to the organization. Do not feel entitled to things that were a ‘privilege’ to you during your time in college. Cooperation, constant learning, and proper business etiquette will be expected from you 24/7.
  • Forget about help! You will have to be autonomous, disciplined, and ‘help yourself’ to get things done. Remember, time is more precious than money for your organization!
  • Work pressure will depend upon how efficient, organized, and professional you are. Your ability to manage a great work-life balance will ultimately translate into job satisfaction and your overall feeling of fulfillment. A slight lack of effort on your part, and the work pressure will skyrocket.  

The Skills

Remember, you will be a unit in the system of a company bound to serve a particular function. You may be a writer, coder, financial analyst, or a business developer. The better you serve your function, the better your chances to rise up on the corporate ladder.

Compliance, quality output, and a strong work ethic will be you key weaponry to survive in the corporate world. If you lack any of these, you’ll be replaced. Make it a habit to acquire new skills whenever possible.

For the business world, the following skills are crucial. Without them success becomes a remote possibility!

Soft Skills

Your personality and ability to communicate effectively will make-up a significant part of your corporate functioning. While your talent and hard skills are equally important, it’s your soft skills that will help you advance.

Make sure you cultivate:

  • A pleasing personality. You body language, actions, and behavior must be positive and assertive. Your overall vibe and perception should reflect that of a ‘dedicated professional,’ someone who means business and understands things. There is no place for negativity or toxic and arrogant behavior in any company.
  • Communication and follow-up. Maybe you have an introvert personality, maybe you’re an outgoing, cheerful extrovert. Whatever the case, you must communicate clearly, precisely, and timely. This will reward you in the long run.

Business & Technical Skills

Needless to say, the more you learn and implement, the better your tomorrow will be. In the business world, your business skills and technical skills will make up your core talent. These two factors will account for your overall value in the professional world. Why do you think a janitor is paid less than a CEO? Because of the knowledge, skills, and value they can offer within their capacity.

Always keep up with:

  • General business and company functioning
  • General industry knowledge
  • Corporate trends (not Facebook and Instagram trends!!)
  • Development in your core field/job profile

The Attitude

“Wherever you are or will be in life, attitude will always be the underlying reason.”

Problem Solving & Goal-Oriented Attitude

You will face many challenges in life, especially as a newbie in the corporate world. But the right attitude can help you overcome even the most daunting obstacles. You just need to be a goal-oriented professional with a problem solving attitude. Easier said than done, right?

You will need to focus on:

  • Goal setting. Know where you want to go. Set goals that are realistic and achievable.
  • Perseverance. Problems are often not as big as our perception. Be unbiased. Gain perspective. Learn to solve problems with the resources at hand. Never give up.
  • Value Addition. Your family, friends, coworkers, community, company, country, and upcoming generations will remember you for what you did, and not what you were. Make contributions wherever you are. Discuss, think, and be creative.

Be prepared and embrace the change yet to come. A career in the corporate world can be highly rewarding and fulfilling. The only thing that matters is your willingness!


Anthony Bergs headshotAbout Anthony Bergs: Anthony Bergs is a Digital Marketing Specialist and a Project Manager at Writers Per Hour. He always keeps an eye on the marketing sector to implement the best innovations into the strategies that he builds. He’s always open for new connections and partnerships.

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