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Look out, graduate school applicants — you have more competition this year than ever!

The number of international graduate school applicants in the US hit a record high this year. In 2010, the number has increased by a whopping 7%, according to a report released this month by the Council of Graduate Schools.

The CGS, a US organization created for the advancement of graduate education and research, conducts research on graduate schools and programs throughout the nation and coordinates with other national educational organizations.

Graduate Applicants from China, India, and South Korea

China, India, and South Korea are the three largest countries of origin for international graduate school applicants in the US.

For the fifth year in a row, there’s been an increase in graduate school applications from China. This year it’s up 19%, after a 14% gain in 2009.

Nonetheless, India and South Korea haven’t seen the same results as China. After significant declines last year, there was a 2% decline from India and no change from South Korea in graduate school applications this year.

Graduate Applicants from the Middle East & Turkey

In addition to the growth in China, graduate school applications from prospective students in the Middle East and Turkey also rose by double-digits for the fifth consecutive year, by 18%.

What the Numbers Mean

“The continued recovery in international graduate applications has been a positive trend,” said CGS President Debra W. Stewart in the recent press release by CGS. “However, we must not be overconfident. The lack of growth from India and South Korea is an ongoing concern, and as we saw in 2009, an increase in applications does not necessarily result in equivalent enrollment growth,” she added.

With the growing number of international graduate school applications, support for international students in the US is also on the rise. More colleges are offering in-state tuition for international students.

Financial aid is also becoming more available, as scholarships and grants for international students are used to promote studying in the US. As the numbers continue to grow, international graduate school applicants have more resources–and competition–than ever!

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