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Interested in working abroad after college graduation? 

While any degree could send you overseas, some are more likely to do so than others. As you consider which area of study to choose, keep the following majors in mind. 

1. International Affairs

As its name suggests, international affairs could take you anywhere on the planet. Students with this major study the world and the impact of its culture and economics on global affairs.

You’ll also learn how worldwide, regional, and domestic factors influence international relations on a world stage.

Classes may include international politics, American foreign policy, and applied economics.

2. Social Science

A major in social science is quite similar to one in international affairs. However, in addition to studying social policies, you’ll take a more in-depth look at poverty, inequality, and social exclusion.

In turn, you’ll become an expert in politics, economics, and sociology.

Those with a heart for underserved populations can use this degree to work abroad in developing countries with challenging conflicts like epidemics and social unrest. 

3. Business

In 2018, business was the most popular major in the US, with 386,201 students earning bachelor’s degrees in this field.

While you can pick a specialization like administration or project management, many graduates use their business degree to enter a wide variety of career fields abroad.

From entertainment to technology, practically every sector can use someone with business knowledge. This degree can unlock many opportunities to work overseas. 

4. Journalism

Journalism is an ideal choice for those who love to be part of the action. Students who graduate with a degree in this field can become a broadcaster, writer, photographer, news analyst, editor, or producer.

While still in college, you’ll likely take classes in communication, print media, photojournalism, and more.

Since news literally travels, odds are, so will you. Thus, journalism is an excellent major for college students looking to work abroad. 

5. Education

Teachers mold minds and shape the future. They also have many unique opportunities to use their skills internationally, making education one of the best college majors for travel.

Once you have an education degree, you can teach English as a second language practically anywhere.

Roughly 35% of students will also learn the language of the country in which they’re teaching, making them a huge asset both at home and abroad. 

6. Marine Biology

Do you love the ocean and all things living in the deep blue sea? Marine biology might be right up your alley.

While studying for this degree, you’ll learn research and lab skills and take classes in biological diversity, marine ichthyology, aquaculture, physiology, and more.

Upon graduation, you may very well end up on a boat studying your favorite marine animal. Your research and conservation efforts could then take you anywhere in the world. 

7. Aviation Science

When considering careers that let you work abroad, aviation is a no-brainer. Pilots fly anywhere and everywhere, enjoying the best views in the world. They can fly out of any city they choose and make any country their home base.

To become an airline pilot, you’ll need your degree and 1,500 hours of flight time, which you can earn in about two years.

Classes will cover aircraft composition, crew management, aviation safety, and more so you can fully prepare for that first flight around the world. 

8. Nursing

Nursing is one of the best majors to work abroad, especially if you want to make a difference and help those in need.

Upon graduation, you can join an organization like Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross, or UNICEF, all of which offer overseas opportunities.

If you’d rather work short contracts and travel often, consider becoming a travel nurse. This way, you can explore a new place every few months. 

9. Tourism and Event Management

If you love traveling, why not work in the travel industry directly?

A degree in tourism and event management can prepare you for a job at an agency anywhere in the world.

Work abroad in a museum or help others plan their dream vacations and enjoy perks like free hotel stays, discounted flights, and other special offers. 

10. Graphic Design

Graphic design is becoming a popular major as visual communication becomes more important in the digital world.

Brands are looking for professionals who can revamp their website, develop layouts, and captivate consumers. Thus, graphic designers are in high demand worldwide, giving graduates many opportunities to enter the field. 

Plus, a lot of graphic design work can be done remotely giving you the opportunity to make your home virtually anywhere in the world.

Find Your Passion

Depending on which major you choose, you can travel the world and make money doing it. However, the key to working abroad and having fun is finding your passion. 

While you’re still in college, focus on finding a major that resonates with you and piques your interest. Take a wide variety of classes, challenge yourself, and choose an area of study that you’ll enjoy for more than four short years. 


About Ginger Abbot: Ginger Abbot writes on a variety of educational topics, including international study and career planning. She also serves as Editor-in-Chief for the learning publication Classrooms, where you can read more of her work.

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5 months ago

I’m doing a report on career opportunities right now, and I’m coming to the conclusion that almost any major gives you the experience you need. The important thing is to choose a major you like – if you don’t understand math, you’re not likely to be an engineer, or if you don’t like to read a literary major isn’t for you. And for work abroad, perhaps the best major is a language major – you can be an English teacher in another country or a translator.