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Are you an international student interested in studying in the US?

Whether you are eager to pursue a degree full-time in the US or you wish to simply study at a US college for a semester, there are plenty of great schools that accept international students such as yourself with open arms.

To give you an idea of what schools to consider, here is a list of the US colleges that hosted the largest percentages of international students in the 2017-2018 school year, according to recent numbers released by US News and World Report:

College/University: City/State: Percent International Students:
1. Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne, FL 32%
2. The New School New York, NY 32%
3. University of Rochester Rochester, NY 24%
4. Boston University Boston, MA 22%
5. Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA 22%
6. Suffolk University Boston, MA 22%
7. Brandeis University Waltham, MA 21%
8. Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, IL 21%
9. University of California – San Diego La Jolla, CA 20%
10. New York University New York, NY 19%

Pros of attending one of these colleges

Colleges that host a large number of international students will likely be well equipped to respond to the unique needs of international students studying in the US.

Big schools such as those listed above tend to have entire offices dedicated to providing services to international students, with expert advisers on staff to assist you with things like visa issues, adapting to student life in the US, finding student housing, and determining what classes to take.

You may also feel more comfortable and find it easier to fit in at one of the colleges above due to the large international student population. With so many international students, there will be plenty of fellow students who’ll understand exactly what you are going through.

US college students may also be more open, welcoming, and receptive at these schools, as they will be more used to interacting with students of various international backgrounds.

Cons of attending one of these colleges

These schools have large populations of both international students and US college students. It’s possible that you may not get as much personalized attention as you would like.

Classes will likely be much bigger and you may not get to know your professors as well as you would at a smaller school. Additionally, international student advisers might be spread a bit thin and it may take a bit longer to find your niche.

Though you may be one of the only international students at a smaller college, you will likely receive more personal attention. Also, smaller classes may make it easier to meet and make friends with students from the US.

The Decision is Yours

Whether you decide to apply to one of the colleges listed above or you choose a smaller college, studying in the US is a rewarding experience. International students who study in the US, regardless of the college, will likely come out of the experience with a better grasp of English-language idioms, a more complete understanding of US culture, and new friends that last a lifetime.

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