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When deciding on the best places to study abroad, there are several factors you have to take into consideration.

Are you interested in learning another language? Do you enjoy the bustle of a big city or the beauty of a rural town? Are you trying to stretch your dollar as far as you can?

Whether you’re in high school or college, there is a study abroad destination that’s right for you. We’ve compiled a list of the best places to study abroad for US students based on several categories.

Here is part one:

Best Value

buenos aires study abroad

When choosing where to study abroad in the current state of the economy, more students are opting to steer clear of popular European study abroad destinations due to how weak the dollar is compared to the Euro and Pound.

The best places to study abroad for those primarily concerned with money are Asia, South America and Africa.

Our personal favorite is Argentina. Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world. Both geographically and academically, it’s a great country to be in–a melting pot of cultures, cuisines and dialects. And, with the dollar holding strong over the peso, we think that Argentina is the best value for your buck.

Best English-Speaking Country

A long-standing staple in the best places to study abroad lists, the United Kingdom is full of great opportunities for students. Whether you’re interested in England’s bustling capital of London, or Scotland’s historic capital city of Edinburgh, or any number of smaller cities and towns throughout England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, the UK is unlikely to disappoint.

Though you won’t have to learn a new language to communicate in the UK, don’t assume that the English they speak there is the same as what you’re used to! Accents, lingo and other nuances will all be new to you.

Want to know the most romantic place to study abroad? Where the best party is? Check out parts two and three of our best places to study abroad list!

Part Two: Best Historical Landmarks & Best Party Countries
Part Three: Most Romantic & Most Technologically Advanced Countries

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10 years ago

hey how about best place to study overseas for career progression?

10 years ago

That depends on what specific career you are pursuing. Once you’ve narrowed down what country you’d like to study in, research the schools to find one that specializes in your particular field of interest.

9 years ago

Why not making an articles if the most interesting faculties in the us and in out the us

9 years ago

sorry about the orthographic errors i haven’t get a bunch of sleep for 2days

Ronen at University Language
Ronen at University Language
9 years ago
Reply to  Sam

Hi Sam,
Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll definitely look into creating a post on that. Hope you’re enjoying the blog!

Robin Piggott
8 years ago

Currently studying abroad right now in Singapore, only one week left, it has been an amazing experience­. Everyone should find a way to study abroad if they can muster the funds and have the ambition. Don’t be afraid of the costs, coming to Singapore was actually cheaper than the University of California­.