If you want to go to school outside of your home country but aren’t sure where to start looking, you’ll appreciate knowing what the best cities for international students are.

Fortunately, TopUniversities took a look at hundreds of cities and came up with the best ones for international students to attend. Check out which cities made the top five and why.

5. Berlin, Germany

student studying abroad in Berlin, Germany

Berlin, the capital of Germany, has become an increasingly popular destination among international students — and for good reason! In case you didn’t already know, Germany offers free undergraduate tuition at all public schools — even for international students! What’s more, the range of classes offered in English means you don’t need to speak German to get a degree in Berlin.

The cost of living in Berlin is also student-friendly. Depending on where you rent, $600-$800 should be enough to cover all your living expenses.

Berlin itself is a hub for design, fashion, music, and art. There are tons are exciting nightlife options for students looking to socialize as well as historical and cultural destinations such as Museum Island and the Berlin Wall Memorial. It’s also an ideal destination for students interested in tech: Berlin is known as the start-up capital of the Europe.

4. Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany skyline

If you’re interested in studying abroad in Germany, but not quite sold on Berlin, Munich is another great German city for international students. You’ll still reap the benefits of free tuition and a low cost of living. However, in addition, Munich also offers an easy transportation system and an extreme friendly population.

This Bavarian capital is known for its river and lakes, which become extremely popular during the spring and summer when outdoors activities flourish. Munich is also home to popular beer festivals, including the world-famous Oktoberfest. It’s also Germany’s safest city with a small-town feel while still offering access to some of the best tech companies. There’s a reason Munich is known as the city of innovation.

3. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne made the list because it’s home to seven highly ranked universities. But international students going to college in this city don’t merely study in their free time.

They have plenty of fun things to do and see, from breathtaking beaches and entertaining comedy clubs to tons of venues dedicated to music, nightlife, fashion, art, and more.

This city is known for being very diverse and offering lots of opportunities to learn about other cultures as a result. Its numerous multicultural celebrations every year are an example of this.

The only reason Melbourne didn’t score higher on the list of best cities for international students is that it’s not as affordable as it once was. The average international fees total a little above $23,000 USD.

2. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a fairly new addition to this list of the top five best cities for international students, but deservedly so.
If you’re looking for a big city to fully immerse yourself in, Tokyo is the place. It’s great for any student looking to escape the “student bubble” and gain an authentic study abroad experience.

With 13 internationally ranked universities, you have your fair share of great schools to pick from, but that’s not only you can do in this urban hub. History buffs will appreciate Sensoji, Tokyo’s oldest temple; foodies will drool over the ramen and sushi; and those looking for an exciting nightlife will love Tokyo’s karaoke bars.

Plus, did we mention that Tokyo consistently ranks as the best in the world for professional and internship opportunities?

1. London, England

London, England

London has been among the best cities for international students for years, and there are a few reasons for this. One is the sheer number of top ranked universities, since there are 17 here.

And of course, London is where thousands of big businesses are located, so working here once you graduate is a definite possibility. After all, this city ranked third in employer activity, so employers clearly hold the colleges here in high regard.

Like Melbourne, the main drawback of London is the cost of getting an education here, or merely even living in this city. The average fees are a bit over $21,000, so international students should plan accordingly if they want to study here.

Do you plan on applying to school in any of the best cities for international students?

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