By: Chelsea & Victor On: May 6, 2020 In: Education, Translation Comments: 2

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt every aspect of modern life, it's clear that the higher education system will be...

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If you’re an international student applying to US colleges, you likely have a long list of things to do...

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Whether you’re studying abroad as part of a program at your home institution or you’re seeking to become a...

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As you apply to US colleges, getting a great letter of recommendation should be part of your to-do list....

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A 2015 study shows that more international students than ever are coming to the US for a high school...

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As you embark on the process of writing a dissertation, you should give some thought to the possible need...

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By: Guest On: September 22, 2014 In: Academics, Translation Comments: 0

Writing an honors thesis is hard enough without having to worry about translating the sources you use. Here...

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By: Guest On: July 30, 2014 In: Blog, Study Abroad, Translation, Travel Comments: 0

It's easy to assume that English is spoken in virtually every big city on the planet. However, this isn't...

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There are a lot of steps involved in the process of moving your life to a new country and...

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The US college grading system can be hard to understand for any new freshman, especially those from another country.

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By: Guest On: April 16, 2013 In: International Students, Translation Comments: 0

Transcript translation has one rule that supersedes all others: It absolutely must be accurate.

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By: Amy at University Language On: January 26, 2012 In: International Students, Translation Comments: 0

If you're applying to a college in the United States, you’ll need diplomas and other academic documents translated into...

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By: Guest On: February 11, 2011 In: Holidays, Translation Comments: 0

Memorize a few of these translated declarations of love and surprise your sweetie with how worldly and romantic you...

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By: Guest On: July 9, 2010 In: Academics, College Classes, Translation Comments: 0

Although the fields of translation and interpreting are becoming more and more important, it is an area in which...

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If you're an international student, or simply moving to an English speaking country, it's important to know the best...

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