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In this post, we'll help you settle seamlessly into your overseas university with the tips you need to succeed.

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Use these tips to get familiar with your new college town.

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By: Guest On: July 11, 2018 In: International Students, Living in the US, On Campus Comments: 2

To really get the most out of your experience as a US college student, you will need more than...

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Studying abroad is a popular choice for US college students, but many international students forget that they have this...

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Before you squeeze in your clothes, computer and cell phone, make sure your luggage contains these 6 essential items...

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Between class, work, friends and studying -- not to mention extracurricular activities and athletic obligations -- it can sometimes...

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Many college-bound students who are interested in entering into the ranks of the United States Armed Forces consider attending...

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If you’re an international student about to begin your freshman year at a US college, you’ve probably already studied...

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Whether you’re an American student applying to schools across the pond or an international student with your heart set...

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After doing research on US colleges, you have probably noticed that they tend to be more expensive than the...

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Some students feel they can relax a bit once they get their admissions letter for grad school. But for...

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A health insurance plan is essential for every international student who studies in the US. Some schools offer their...

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An F-1 visa can complicate things for students looking for work in the summer. As you might expect, there...

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International students have several options for jobs, whether your goal is to generate income during college or get some...

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If you are an international student who has not yet used American social media, you may be missing out....

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