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Campus correspondent Tiffany Lorente shares her tricks for getting through the holiday season intact. Find out how you can become a campus correspondent, too!

The holiday season is among us, and we can’t help but wonder; where did the year go?

Well, just because the time flew by doesn’t mean that the last couple of months should lack productivity. But staying focused when surrounded by eggnog and cookies can prove pretty difficult.

Exams, shopping, cooking, parties and traveling are some of the greatest concerns during the holiday season. Here are a few ways to stay sane and maintain your spot on Santa’s good list.

Communication, communication, communication

Traveling is exhausting, especially during the holiday season. Exams are even worse because the stress to ace truly accumulates.

Fortunately there is such a thing as communication and time! Both of which are on your side at this point, and this is key to having smooth holidays.

If you are going to travel during this holiday season make sure you know when your flight, train or car is departing. Also, let those who are expecting you know when you plan on arriving and if any other transportation is necessary.

As far as exams go, now is a great time to start separating the material for each class. If you have any doubts on any parts of the curriculum, ask your professor to clear things up, or get tutoring to brush up on skills. Another brilliant idea would be to create a study group that is serious about studying.

All these events require planning, and what better way to plan than with a calendar?

Use your calendar

Calendars keep everyone aware and now they are more available than ever. Agendas, phone applications, traditional calendars and dry-erase board calendars are all excellent examples of the variety presented. Having more than one calendar is essential because emergencies do happen.

For example, a family member of mine had his entire work schedule on his laptop’s calendar software. One night, while his laptop was charging, a horrible storm hit his neighborhood and lightning struck his laptop.

The next morning his laptop was fried and so was his brain because he depended on his laptop to tell him everything. There was no back-up plan and that was his biggest mistake.

A wonderful way to stay focused with the holiday mayhem is to keep at least two calendars fully updated, or to save your calendar to a cloud system. It seems tedious, but being lost and late for a while could lead to worse things.


Stress makes moments in life difficult to enjoy because the worries cloud your happiness.

If you focus on the diligent tasks of the holiday season you’ll be able to fully appreciate the wonderful moments that are to come. I like to over prepare and then go with the flow.


Tiffany Lorente is a senior at Coral Reef. Writing has always been one of her passions, as well as communicating information to those around her.  She believes that hard work and being organized are essential to life. Her family is her support team, and she does everything to make her parents proud.

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