If you’re considering applying to graduate school, you need to plan at least a year in advance. Get an...

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By: Autumn at University Language On: September 12, 2017 In: Jobs, Money, On Campus Comments: 0

As you look for on-campus jobs at your college, feel free to think outside the box. You do not...

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By: Autumn at University Language On: August 28, 2017 In: College Classes, Starting College Comments: 0

Your first week of college classes is exciting, but things don't always go as planned. Here are three common...

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Going to grad school in the US as an international student can be an exciting and rewarding experience. But...

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Whether you are leaving the US or coming to this country through a high school exchange program, you can...

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By: Autumn at University Language On: April 18, 2017 In: Blog, Moving, Study Abroad, Travel Comments: 0

Whether you've lived abroad before or have never set foot outside the US, if you're interested in travel post-college,...

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As your last day of high school approaches, you’re likely thinking a lot about the challenges that will come...

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Interested in studying abroad, but not sure where to go? Check out which cities made the top five for...

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If you’re taking one or more AP classes in high school, you might already be starting to get apprehensive...

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As you start making plans to study abroad, look into these options for paying for the trip.

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By: Autumn at University Language On: January 19, 2017 In: Blog, Study Abroad, Travel, Volunteering Comments: 0

As you prepare to study abroad in college, be sure to make time to volunteer while you’re in another...

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If you want to go to college but also want to see the world, it’s time to consider getting...

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By: Autumn at University Language On: November 21, 2016 In: Blog, Holidays, Testing Comments: 0

The holidays are almost here, and at a time when everyone else is focused on decorating and shopping, college...

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By: Autumn at University Language On: October 11, 2016 In: Applying to College, Blog, High School Comments: 0

It seems like every college applicant tries to be the well-rounded student, since this is what they’ve been told...

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By: Autumn at University Language On: August 6, 2016 In: Academics, Applying to College Comments: 0

Business is a popular major, and there are plenty of reasons for that. But is majoring in business the...

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