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Want to know how your test scores measure up against the average SAT scores at an Ivy League school?

The 8 schools in the Ivy League are among the most competitive schools to get into. As a result, Ivy League SAT scores are some of the highest in the country.

Keep in mind, though, that these average Ivy League SAT scores reflect only a portion of accepted students’ scores. If your SAT score is lower than this range, you can still be accepted to an Ivy League school if the rest of your application is strong.

If you’re thinking about applying to an Ivy League school, these average ranges should give you a ballpark score to aim for when taking your SAT.

Ivy League Universities

Average SAT Score Range

(25 percentile – 75 percentile)

Brown University

1420 – 1570

Columbia University*

1450 – 1580

Cornell University

1390 – 1550

Dartmouth College

1430 – 1560

Harvard University

 1460- 1590

Princeton University

 1430- 1570

University of Pennsylvania

1420- 1560

Yale University

1420 – 1590

*Columbia no longer requires SAT or ACT test scores, but applicants who wish to submit them may continue to do so.

Beyond the Ivy League

The Ivy League only includes a small portion of available schools, many of which have incredible academic and social offerings.

If you’re considering applying to an Ivy League college, keep your mind open to other possibilities as well.

It might be that your dream school exists outside the Ivy League. Other top schools reveal more of a range in their SAT scores than the Ivy League schools, and offer more of a variety of sizes and locations all over the country.

Last updated: October 2018

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