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If you’re wondering which Ivy League schools accept ACT scores, you’re in luck!

All Ivy League schools accept both ACT and SAT scores. In fact, a third of the applicants to Brown University and the University of Pennsylvania submit ACT scores with their applications.

Average ACT scores for Ivy League schools are much higher than the national average score, which is between 20 and 21. When you’re interpreting your ACT scores, remember that a perfect score on the ACT is a 36 and is equivalent to a 2400 on the SAT.

Ivy League Universities

Average ACT Score

(Middle 50%)

Harvard University


Princeton University


Yale University


University of Pennsylvania


Dartmouth College


Brown University


Columbia University


Cornell University


ACT vs. SAT in the Ivy League: Does It Matter?

In the past, some colleges accepted only the ACT in addition to your other application materials, and required your SAT scores as your primary test. But since 2007, all four-year universities accept the ACT for admissions purposes, and the schools in the Ivy League were some of the first to make the switch.

Save yourself the stress of worrying which test an Ivy League university prefers. Just find out which one matches your learning style by taking a few practice questions from both the ACT and SAT.

The ACT focuses more on acquired knowledge rather than innate ability, and its questions may seem more straightforward than those on the SAT. So show off your strengths, especially when applying to Ivy League schools!


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    ACT is just as good as SAT.

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    i had a 27 and went to Cleveland St.. Go Vikes!

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