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Are your ACT scores on par with the scores of students admitted to or enrolled in Ivy League schools?

High test scores are not enough to guarantee you admission, so you shouldn’t fret if your scores do not match up to those listed below. There are many factors that go into determining college admissions, and the score you receive on your ACT (or SAT) is just one of them.

Nevertheless, in order to give you a framework to interpret your scores, we have compiled some statistics on the ACT scores of students admitted to and/or enrolled in Ivy League schools. The information comes from each of the schools’ individual websites.

To give you a bit more context for these scores, the ACT exam is broken down into four mandatory sections (English, math, reading comprehension and science) and an optional essay portion. Each section is given a score out of 36, and the final composite score for the ACT (also out of 36) is found by calculating the average of the scores from all the component sections.

Brown University

More than 36 percent of students enrolled in the class of 2015 at Brown who took the ACT exam scored in the range of 33 to 36.

Columbia University

At Columbia, the middle 50 percent of students admitted this past year had ACT scores between 32 and 35. In addition, 77 percent of admitted students who opted to take the ACT received scores in the range of 32 to 36.

Cornell University

The class of 2015’s enrolling fall freshmen had an average ACT composite score of 31. The middle 50 percent of freshmen had ACT scores between 29 and 33. However, only 36 percent of enrolling students submitted ACT scores.

Dartmouth College

At Dartmouth, the median ACT score of students admitted last year was 33.

Harvard University

We were unable to find up-to-date statistics from Harvard on the ACT scores of its admitted or enrolled students. If you have this data, please let us know.

Princeton University

The middle 50 percent of students enrolled in Princeton’s freshman class of 2015 scored between 31 and 34 on the ACT.

University of Pennsylvania

The middle 50 percent of the University of Pennsylvania’s class of 2015 had ACT scores in the range of 31 to 34.

Yale University

Closing out the pack, Yale boasted a freshman class among which more than 70 percent of students who took the ACT received a score between 32 and 36.

How do your scores stack up?

How do your ACT scores compare to these scores of students admitted to and/or enrolled in Ivy League schools? Are you satisfied with your performance, or could you use more time to study and practice before taking the test again?

Whether or not your ACT scores appear to be “Ivy League-worthy” is not of dire importance, however, as  the college admissions process is not an exact science –- all you can do is try your best, dream big and hopefully you will find a school that is right for you.

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Josh Cohrs
Josh Cohrs
8 years ago

Cornell’s website says that the mean ACT score is a 31. Just search average ACT scores in the search box.

Diane at University Language

Thanks so much for the info, Josh! We’ve updated the post accordingly.