If you are an international student who has applied to US schools, you have probably found that waiting to hear about college admissions decisions can be hard.

That’s why we have some ideas for how to make good use of your time while you await college decisions from US schools.

Follow these tips and you’ll be getting your admissions decisions before you know it!

Research Interesting Facts About US Schools

Surely you already researched some of the most basic and important facts about each US school to which you applied, but you can probably learn more. This time, instead of looking up test scores and application deadlines, you can focus on the fun stuff.

For example, find out what students do in their free time, and learn about popular attractions near the school of your choice. If you want to learn about the fun things to do on fall break and find out when it will be, now is the time to research such facts.

As an international student, you will need to research from afar, but luckily you have lots of resources at your fingertips. You can simply rely on search engines for the answers you need, or you can contact current students on Facebook to find out more about student life at each US university.

Make Some Backup Plans

The reality is that not everyone makes it into his or her dream school. Even though you likely applied to several schools, you should have a backup plan in case you end up with a slew of rejections. As painful as it is to think about, it’s best to be prepared for anything.

For instance, if you do not get into your top schools, you might consider deferring college for a semester or a year. In the meantime, you could take classes at your local college so you can eventually transfer to the US school of your choice.

Brush Up on Your Skills

As an international student, you can probably improve your English language skills. Even if you are essentially fluent, you might want to study idioms and American slang words that native English speakers use. Reading books and watching movies and shows in the English language is a fun, effective way to practice.

Maybe the other skills you will use in college could use some improvement, too. For instance, if math is not your best subject, consider taking a brief online course to brush up on it.

You can also ask a friend or classmate to go over confusing concepts with. That way, you’ll be more confident in your academic skills once the college decisions process is over.

Make the Most of Your Last Months at Home

If you have applied to several US colleges, chances are good that you will be leaving your home country soon. So it makes sense to enjoy your time there to the fullest. If you have any amazing attractions nearby, visit them before you receive the college decisions you await.

Of course, you should also spend time with your friends and family before you leave. You will certainly miss them at some point during the school year!

If you’re an international student who has already endured the waiting period for college admission decisions, feel free to let us know how you handled it!

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Grant Lawson
7 years ago

I think another thing that students can do as they wait to make their college based decisions is to check out scholarships for international students. Their are a variety of organizations to help the international student receive funding to help cover college expenses. Not only can this help more people study abroad, but it also can help them not spend so much time working when they should be studying.