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A resume is important to have even if you are still in high school and not looking for a job. In fact, a high school resume can still include lots of information that tells readers about your life.

You might be surprised by how much information you can add to your resume, even if you have no job experience. Learn how to maximize the experience you already have.

Impressive Courses

You don’t have to include the basic courses that every high school student takes. But if you are in advanced placement courses in high school, adding these to your resume is a good idea. The same goes if you are taking some courses at your local community college.

Even courses that are more interesting than advanced deserve a spot on your high school resume. For instance, if you are taking German while everyone else in high school is taking Spanish or French, you can list this on your resume.

Similarly, if you are taking journalism, art or other classes not every high school student takes, both colleges and employers might find this appealing.

Volunteer Work

Just because you lack job experience does not mean you have never worked in some way. Volunteer work is often a staple of an impressive high school resume. If you do not yet have any experience, you can easily get some by volunteering somewhere local.

Whether you volunteer at a soup kitchen, nonprofit daycare or pet shelter, you are showing you know how to follow directions. Plus, future employers may assume that if you work hard for no pay, you will have no problem doing the same when you do get paid.

For this reason, volunteer work as a student can take the place of an official work history section on your high school resume until you get a regular job.

Awards and Clubs

Most high school students stand out in some way within four years, and that’s something to add to your resume. If you have been recognized with an award, be sure to list it. Examples include placing in a spelling bee, lettering in a varsity sport or getting an AP award for taking a particular number of AP tests in high school.

In addition, if you are part of any clubs in high school, note this on your resume. Even being involved in the Spanish club or marching band can make you memorable to anyone who reads your resume since this can show where your interests lie.

Of course, if you founded a club or were named as a club officer, this shows leadership and should definitely be listed on your resume.

Special Skills and Hobbies

Don’t worry if your high school resume still seems a little short; you can always add any special skills or hobbies you have. You never know when a skill will stand out to an employer or college admissions counselor. For example, if you know sign language or can read music, you should list these on your resume.

Even if you just enjoy skiing, making smartphone apps or fixing computers in your free time, don’t leave these off your resume. What is normal to you may be impressive to someone else.

As long as you are proud of it – and it’s appropriate for all audiences – include it on your resume during high school.

Whether you are a student or looking for your first job after college, a great resume can boost your chances, so take this process seriously!

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