Would you rather live in a single-sex or coed college dorm? Though most US colleges offer both options, coed college dorms are (for what may seem like obvious reasons!) the most popular choice for on-campus housing.

But have you thought carefully about everything that coed college dorms entail? Before making your final decision, take a look at the pros and cons of coed college dorms.

Pros of Coed College Dorms:

  • Socializing! Given the close quarters, you get to easily socialize with members of the opposite sex during the many on-campus activities your college provides.  For many students (at least the heterosexual ones), this alone is worth sharing a bathroom with the opposite sex.
  • Preparing for your career: In the future, you’ll have to interact with men and women both professionally and personally. Student diversity, such as living with members of both sexes, gives you the experience and confidence necessary to be better able to find a common ground whether you’re new at the office and trying to make friends or you’ve been assigned a project to work on together.
  • And of course, dating! When you’re in such close proximity with the opposite sex, it’s difficult not to meet someone you’re interested in. Even if you’re shy, living in a coed college dorm gives you plenty of chances to work up the nerve to ask out that cutie you have your eye on.

Cons of Coed College Dorms:

  • Bathroom etiquette: It’s simple. Girls and guys typically have different grooming habits, use different products and often, have a different definition of “clean.” Sharing a living space, and especially a bathroom, can prove difficult for both genders.
  • Privacy: When searching for student housing, take this into account. If you’re easily flustered, living in a coed college dorm is not for you. You’re likely to see people of the opposite sex walking around in bathrobes and towels, and occasionally even less than that. Sharing a living space with the opposite sex requires minimal squeamishness.
  • Constant need to impress: When you’re at home in your dorm, you want to feel totally comfortable — to be able to let your hair down and put on that pair of really old (but really comfy!) sweats. But if you live in a coed dorm, you might feel the need to constantly look your best, just in case that cutie stops by or bumps into you in the bathroom. If you’re someone who is uncomfortable looking less than your best around the opposite sex, you might want to consider same-sex dorms.
  • Distraction! Admit it — for many of you, living in a coed college dorm would make it close to impossible to concentrate on your school work and study for your exams. If your eyes (and mind!) wander at the sight of cute co-eds, coed college dorms aren’t the best choice for you.

Whether you’re living off campus or in the college dorm, it’s important to have the right social setting. Think carefully before you decide if a coed college dorm is the right choice for you!

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