With skyrocketing college tuition rates across the country, the schools that rank among the cheapest colleges in the US come as a breath of fresh air.

For students who want to get a higher education without the burden of debt from student loans, it’s nice to know that there are some more affordable options out there. If you’re looking for colleges in the US that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, here are some of the cheapest schools that will give you a real bang for your buck:

Top 10 Cheapest Public Colleges 2018-2019



Tuition & Fees

1. Minot State University ND $6,810
2. Alcorn State University MS


3. Central State University OH $8,096
4. University of Texas of the Permian Basin TX $8,274
5. Southwest Minnesota State University MN $8,338
6. Bemidji State University MN $8,644
7. Maryville State University ND $9,084
8. Dickinson State University ND $9,150
9. West Texas A&M University TX $9,418
10. Texas A&M University



Top 10 Cheapest Private Colleges 2018-2019



Tuition & Fees

1. Brigham Young University – Provo UT $5,620
2. Amridge University



3. Tougaloo College MS $10,600
4. Wilmington University DE $11,210
5. Jarvis Christian College TX $11,720
6. Stillman College AL $11,992
7. Alice Lloyd College KY $12,150
8. Talladega College AL $12,340
9. Blue Mountain College MS $12,584
10. William Carey University MS $12,600

Some argue that tuition is not the best way to measure the cheapest colleges in the US, as it does not reflect other factors that may come into play, such as financial aid and various costs of living (room and board, books, etc.).  You may receive scholarships or financial aid, which could make the “sticker price” on a more expensive university even cheaper than one of the colleges listed above.

Even if you can’t find the perfect fit among the cheapest colleges in the US though, it’s nice to know that there are some cheaper options to the high-tuition colleges outlined in our post about the most expensive colleges in the US. Plus, there are many other ways to save money in college other than attending one of the top 10 cheapest schools.

For instance, some colleges meet 100% of financial need, so filling out a FAFSA may be your ticket to attending a top school at about the same cost as the cheapest colleges in the US.

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    • Kacie
    • July 28, 2011
    • Reply

    I’m glad you mentioned financial aid in this post! With so many scholarships and loans out there, it would be a shame to rule a great school out just based on its tuition. It’s always a good idea to apply and see what kind of aid you could get before you decide a school is too expensive!

    • Diane at University Language
    • July 29, 2011
    • Reply

    Absolutely true, Kacie. You never know what your financial aid package will look like!

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