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If you’re a hopeless romantic, we know the best study abroad place to keep that fire burning.

In the third and final part of our series, we’ll tell you the best study abroad places for you techies and romantics out there!

Most Technologically Advanced

Japan is often referred to as the “neon forest” of technological wonders.

From the shinkansen, or “bullet train,” which goes up to 186 miles per hour, to vending machines that dispense just about anything you can think of (neckties, eggs, beer, noodles, etc.), Japan is full of technological wonders that will blow even the techies away.

If that list of technological wonders made your heart skip a beat, Japan is your best place to study abroad.

Consider studying at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, explore Tokyo’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Technology and browse Tokyo’s Akihabara Electric Town for stores that sell gadgets the likes of which you have never seen.

Most Romantic

studying abroad in Paris, France

Can’t get enough “amour”? You guessed it, the best study abroad place for romantics is France!

Though it may seem overrated, there’s a reason for its enormous popularity. Renowned art museums, scenic views, delicious wine and hundreds of variations of gourmet cheese — France has it all.

Whether you choose a program in the beautiful and historic city of Paris, or a small town in France’s scenic countryside, you’ll be swept away by the romantic lifestyle of this country.

The best study abroad place is one that captivates you. Don’t miss out on an incredible opportunity to experience another culture — you won’t be disappointed.

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