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Party animals: are you wondering what study abroad country has the wildest all-nighters? Or which country is best for those interested in art, fashion or architecture?

We’ve got your answers in part two of the list of best study abroad countries!

Best Historic Landmarks

Italy always makes its way to the top of the favorite study abroad countries and visit lists, and it’s no wonder why.
For those interested in food, romance languages, art and fashion, Italy is the place to study abroad.

Besides Versace, Gucci and Armani, Italy has gifted the world musical instruments like the piano, luxurious sports cars like the Ferrari, and everyday essentials like eyeglasses.

The country has been the home of  some of the greatest scientists, artists and architectural phenomenons of all time, including Galileo, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci!

With this wealth of historical, artistic and architectural treasures, Italy is without a doubt one of the best study abroad countries you can choose.

Best Party Country

Are you a party animal (that happens to be studying Spanish)? If you want to brush up on your Spanish skills and simultaneously enjoy a great party scene, Mexico is the place for you. With a rich culture, a fantastic nightlife, fascinating history and inexpensive lifestyle, Mexico is one of our favorite study abroad countries.

And did we forget to mention its proximity to some of the best spring break destinations? Just a short distance away from Mexico City are the island party destinations that thousands of people flock to for vacation.

So whether you’re going for a year, semester or just the summer, you can escape to a tropical beach on your time off! Enjoy the party, but don’t forget to pull yourself away from those sandy beaches to study once in a while.

Are you a hopeless romantic? A technology geek? Check out part three of this list to see the best study abroad country for you.

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Part Three: Most Romantic & Most Technologically Advanced Countries

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