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International students are not eligible for US federal aid programs and though some state schools will offer in-state tuition to international students, in general attending college in the US can be a very costly option.

While getting a job as an international student may offset some expenses, it may not be enough for many others. Fortunately, there is still hope for international students.

According to US News and World Report the following 10 schools went above and beyond in the 2017-18 academic year to provide international students with some very impressive financial aid packages.

10 Colleges that offer International Student the Most Financial Aid

Name of College Number of international undergrads who received aid during 2017-2018 Average amount of aid offered
Columbia University (NY) 257 $66,350
Harvard University (MA) 594 $64,459
Skidmore College (NY) 83 $63,855
Williams College (MA) 92 $62,873
Trinity College (CT) 170 $62,241
Amherst College (MA) 147 $62,022
Wesleyan University (CT) 98 $61,549
Duke University (NC) 207 $61,497
Wellesley College (MA) 90 $61,386
Vassar College (NY) 77 $61,052

Considering All Your Options

Each one of the schools above ranks in the top 50 for their respective categories in US News and World Report’s annual college rankings. This means that you can expect to face some pretty steep competition if you decide to apply to any of them.

International students hoping to gain acceptance will need to have excellent grades and overall applications to be admitted. (Make sure your college application has a professional translation.)

Of course, there are plenty of other colleges in the US that offer financial aid to international students. Granted, they may not offer quite as much as the schools listed above, but tuition rates and living expanses vary depending on location so there’s no reason to assume you won’t be able to afford a school that didn’t make the top ten.

If your ability to go to college in the US depends on financial aid, make sure you explore all your options (including community colleges) and do your research. Speak with international and student advisers, contact school admissions offices, and look into local scholarships you may be eligible for. There a lots of ways to earn cash for college, so don’t be discouraged. Start exploring your options today!

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    That is a great list to start with. Thank you Kaytie for posting it. I wouldn’t limit myself just with those schools. As a former international student, I worked hard on my SAT scores to make myself marketable. The higher your scores, the better your bargain power is with American universities. Make myself marketable and then start approaching your target schools.

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