As you embark on the process of writing a dissertation, you should give some thought to the possible need for academic translation. Whether you are an international student or have lived in the US all your life, you might have a need for this service.

In fact, academic translation could be a necessity from the very beginning, starting with research materials. That’s why you should consider this possibility before you even start the paper.

Translation During the Research Process

As you begin the long, drawn out process of gathering research for your dissertation, you will likely run into a few issues along the way. Some can be solved by a visit with your adviser or mentor, but others need the attention of a translator. That’s because you will surely find some research that is in another language.

It may be tempting to ignore any research that you can’t read, let alone cite, but this could be a mistake. You never know if it might support your argument perfectly, or maybe it contains valuable information that will change the direction of your dissertation. This is when hiring a professional for an academic translation is a good idea.

Types of Materials You May Need Translated

If you make use of the library at your university, you will find a variety of materials from which you will get your information. Not all of the books or academic journals you find on the topic of your dissertation will be in the same language, requiring academic translation before you can use them as sources.

But traditional print materials are not the only types of research that call for professional academic translation. For example, you might find an interesting interview, documentary, or song in another language, and translating and including these types of research materials in your dissertation could be just what you need to strengthen your argument.

Translating Your Dissertation

Even if you do not end up using foreign sources in your paper, you can likely still benefit from academic translation of documents. This is especially the case if you are an international student. If you attend an American school, you might choose to write the paper in your home language and have it translated to English.

However, even if you write your dissertation in English, you will probably still need a translator – or at least a good proofreader – to ensure it looks like it was written by a native English speaker. Otherwise, you risk your audience not being able to understand the points you are trying to make in the paper!

If you are in fact a native English speaker, you may still find academic translation helpful. For instance, you might want your paper published in more than one language, which will allow you to reach a wider audience.

How ULS Can Help

Regardless of the reason you need translation for your dissertation, you should make sure you hire a professional who is familiar with academic papers. Asking a friend to go over the paper will not get you the results you deserve on such a major project in college.

Obtaining academic translation by experts — like those who work at ULS — is important because professionals are adept at translating academic materials in particular. You need someone who is used to poring over interviews, journals, and other resources before translating them.

In addition, you can rest assured that professionals who specialize in academic translation are careful to be accurate, which is certainly a plus when it comes to your dissertation!

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