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Achieving success in college is ideal for any student. However, throughout the course of your academic career you’re likely to find that you won’t necessarily get along with every single professor — or college course — that you face.

Fortunately we’ve got a a few handy tips to help you overcome your obstacles and find success in college.

Your Professor Is Hard to Understand

You will find that many professors come from all over the world – especially if you are taking a class that focuses on a different language or country. A thick accent can hinder your success in class if you cannot understand the lectures.

You can remedy this by scheduling office hours and clearing up any questions with the professor, or even by asking if he or she can post notes online. That way the accent will not keep you from achieving success in the class.

The Work Is Over Your Head

Perhaps the professor is not difficult to understand, but the class material is. If you simply do not understand concepts that will be presented on tests, finding success in college may be a bit harder.

Pay extra attention in class, but also try scheduling a meeting with your professor. Teachers want their students to have success in their class, so your professors should be happy to help by explaining a concept.

Reaching out to a professor early on in the semester will show that you are putting in an effort to understand the material. Your professor may even give you a few study tips to help you understand the content a bit better.

If you don’t feel comfortable enough going to your professor, then try going to a friend or a tutor on campus who can likely help you achieve success in your college classes.

The Reading Assignments Are Overwhelming

Many college classes are reading-intensive, so you can easily fall behind if you do not make time to read regularly. Whether you have been focusing a little too much on your college extracurricular activities, or have simply had excessive homework in your other classes, getting behind on reading is a common problem.

You can solve it and achieve success in class by forcing yourself to do a little reading each day. This way, you will not find yourself having to read a whole book within two days in order to pass an upcoming college essay exam for class.

Look at the number of pages you have to read, and then divide that by the number of days you have before you need to be finished with the book.

You Can’t Stay Awake in Class

Some classes are just plain boring, but that’s no excuse to snooze, especially if you ever want to see success in college. Instead, do what you have to in order to stay awake. This may include doodling on paper while you listen, or drinking caffeine right before the class.

In fact, your penchant for falling asleep may have nothing to do with the class. If you can rarely stay awake and alert, you may need more sleep, so try going to bed an hour earlier.

If this does not work, and you are taking morning classes, it’s possible you are simply not a morning person and need to schedule afternoon and night classes next semester.

You Are Too Shy To Speak in Class

If you wish to find success in your college career, you will need to learn to make presentations or at least ask questions. In fact, your grade may depend on it when you take classes that focus on public speaking or are simply heavy on presentations.

If the thought of speaking in class frightens you, prepare some talking points in advance. If you want, you can simply look down at your notes as you ask your question from your desk.

When you do a presentation in front of the class, you should have some notes, too. You should also have time to practice in advance and become used to the thought of public speaking. Practice on a roommate or a buddy. Then, add another person, and another. This should help you get used to speaking publicly.

Have you ever experienced these or other obstacles in college? How did you solve them in order to achieve success in class?

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