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Business is a popular major, and there are plenty of reasons for that. But is majoring in business the right move for you?

Before you declare your major, check out the pros and cons of getting a bachelor’s degree in business.

Business Major Pros

1. You’ll have lots of career opportunities. A bachelor’s degree in business can prepare you to work in a variety of popular fields, including sales, finance, accounting, management, marketing and even international business.

So whether you’re interested in crunching numbers or managing a team of employees, a business degree can help. And if you plan to start your own business after you graduate, this major is definitely a good choice.

2. The starting salary is attractive. If you compare the college graduate salaries by major, business tends to be toward the top. Of course, the amount you can expect to make depends on your niche within the business world. A specialty in marketing usually leads to a pretty lucrative career, with an average starting salary of $52,700. Business administration is also a safe bet, with a starting salary of $43,500.

3. You’ll learn some helpful skills. Even if you don’t end up directly using your business degree in your career, you will still benefit from what you were taught with a bachelor’s degree in business. Regardless of your job, it’s always good to have experience giving presentations, working in groups and simply feeling comfortable in business professional attire once in a while.

Business Major Cons

1. You’ll have lots of competition. Business is a pretty popular major. That means you might find it hard to get into the undergraduate business program at your school unless you have good grades before declaring your major. That stiff competition won’t stop once you graduate, either, since you’ll be competing with lots of other business majors for your first job after college. This is the reason for the next business major disadvantage…

2. You will likely need a graduate degree for a better shot at success. If you get a bachelor’s degree in business and find that you are still deeply interested in this subject, you should consider attending grad school so you can get a Master of Business Administration (MBA). This can help your application look a little more competitive when it comes to the post-graduation job search.

3. This isn’t considered an exciting major. In general, majoring in business is thought of as the safe route for many people, since it can lead to so many different job positions. Of course, if you happen to be passionate about marketing, accounting, or sales, business will be an exciting subject for you. But for the typical college student whose blood doesn’t exactly start pumping at the thought of bookkeeping, business classes may be lacking in excitement.

If you still think majoring in business would be a good move for you after knowing the pros and cons, it’s time to either declare or change your major to business. Either way, good luck! And let us know how it goes in the comments below! We love hearing from our readers.

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