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When you’re browsing your college’s course listings for next semester, you might find a few classes listed on Saturdays.

Saturday classes? It’s not a typo!

They may sound like a damper on your weekend, but Saturday classes can offer a lot of opportunities you might not get during the week.

Before you register, remember that by taking Saturday classes you can:

1) Take classes in non-traditional subjects.

Many Saturday classes aren’t your typical lecture-hall fare. Colleges often hold Saturday classes that are outside the school’s normal subject areas.

These classes are often sports-related activities – like badminton, weight-training or dance – whose facilities are in use during the week, but are free for general use during Saturday classes.

Saturday classes might also be taught by specialists who work during the week, like filmmakers or visiting politicians, but who can offer you unique opportunities to learn from the best.

2) Get more bang for your buck.

Saturday classes tend to be longer than the average college class during the week. But before you write them off, remember that Saturday classes only meet one time a week, unlike other classes that might have two or three sessions.

Plus, meeting for one long class period means that students can study material in much more depth in Saturday classes. Longer class times help foster more productive discussions. Many schools hold accelerated courses on Saturdays, so you can cover more material in fewer meetings.

3) Get personal.

Saturday classes only attract a devoted crowd, which can be a big plus for the few who sign up!

Signing up for a Saturday class lets you interact one-on-one with your professor and get more personalized feedback on your work due to a smaller class size. This is especially good news for your post-graduate plans, since professors make great resume references when they know you well.

4) Free up your weekdays.

Taking a class or two on Saturday might help you gain time in your schedule during the week. A free day or two not only gives you a chance to breathe and catch up on your work. It also gives you a chance to find an internship or job, and start building your professional resume.

Many employers are looking for interns to work only a day or two a week. Saturday classes allow you to schedule these prime job opportunities during the work week and gain professional experience that could help you find a full-time job after graduation!

It may seem like classes just started, but you’ll be signing up for next semester’s classes before you know it! So remember Saturday classes when you’re registering!

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