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Deciding whether or not to double major while studying in the US is a tough decision for a lot of college students, both national and international.

Having a double major has its benefits, but it also has its challenges.

While it may seem like a great, value-loaded idea to complete two degrees simultaneously, it may be more difficult and less financially advantageous than you think.

Consider these pros and cons before deciding whether a US college double major is right for you.


1. Fulfills Two Passions

If you are passionate about two subject areas and would like to academically pursue both, a double major might be right for you. Particularly if you would like to incorporate both subjects in your future career, a double major allows you to study the background of both and thus graduate with a more narrow understanding of the field in which you intend to work.

For example, if you choose public relations as your college major and know that you want to work specifically within government agencies, you might consider choosing political science as your second major.

2. Beefs Up Your Resume

Listing a double major on your entry-level resume is a great way to increase your marketability. Whoever is reading your resume will be impressed by your dedication as well as your ability to multitask and meet goals.

Today’s economy makes competition tighter than ever before, and listing a double major on your resume is guaranteed to get you noticed.

3. Saves Some Time

Simultaneously studying two subjects when deciding to double major as an undergraduate can be compared to receiving a graduate degree after receiving your undergraduate diploma of a single major. Both options provide you with the educational background in two (often related) subjects that will ultimately give you more in depth insight into your career.

If you are certain of your professional goals as an undergraduate, and have a specialized degree in mind, a double major might be the right option for you.


1. Doubles the Workload

When deciding to double major, you are literally doubling your work load.  This is something you must take into account when making up your mind. Are you certain that this is the career path you want to follow? Is either major you choose notoriously difficult? Make sure to ask yourself these questions before deciding whether a double major is right for you.

2. Increases the Cost of College

A double major is expensive! When deciding whether or not it’s the right option for you, map out your courses over the next several years. Will you have to take additional classes in the winter or summer? How much will the classes (and their textbooks) cost? Can you financially manage the increase in the cost of college?

3. Leaves Little Time to Yourself

A double major is a commitment. It’s a commitment of money, energy and most importantly–time. Are you willing to sacrifice the time that you would otherwise be spending on your social life? Joining clubs? Going out with your friends? Playing sports? You should only make the choice to double major if you feel that time to yourself is a sacrifice you are willing to make.

Decision Time

A US college double major takes a lot of work to complete. But for those that are willing to put in the time, effort and money, it’s a great option! Don’t make this decision on a whim, or because you feel pressured by your parents. Weigh the pros and cons–is a double major right for you?

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