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Are you still in the process of choosing a major at your US college or university? Haven’t yet made up your mind? There’s no rush!

While a few students arrive on campus knowing exactly what they want to pursue, most do not. And even those who were once so sure of their ambitions often change their minds once (and sometimes several times!) throughout the course of their US college career.

Remember: There is no reason to rush into choosing a college major. Before choosing a college major, remember to:

1. Test the Waters

When you begin college, choose your courses from the general requirements. This will expose you to the basics of various fields. Do you particularly dislike your Into to Sociology class? Are you bored in Algebra? You can begin to narrow down your field of interest by ruling out the classes you like least.

2. Explore the Other Fish in the Sea

Even if you think you know what you want to study when you begin college, it is likely that you will change your mind by either realizing you don’t enjoy the classes of your major field as much as you thought or by finding another field even more interesting.

If you are choosing a college major as a means to finding a job after graduation, it makes sense for that decision to be made once you are sure of your professional goals. It doesn’t hurt to wait to decide your major, even if you end up sticking to your original plan.

3. Save Your Time & Money

A college education is expensive and non-refundable.

When choosing a college major, realize that you will be given a list of requirements for that particular field. If you begin taking the necessary major classes for biology and realize five classes into it that you’d rather study psychology, those classes will not likely count for much!

Hold off on choosing a college major until you’re sure that the time and money you’re investing in the classes won’t be in vain.

4. Take Advantage of Your Resources

Your college likely offers a wealth of information regarding choosing you college major and choosing your college minor . Don’t let this go to waste!

Before choosing a college major, consult your course catalog to get an idea of what the courses for your particular field of study will be.

Speak to your professors or academic advisers–many of them have worked in the field in which they teach and will have some helpful tips for finding your first job after college.
Also, visit your college’s career center, and not just in your senior year! They have many resources for choosing a college major and a career, as well as tips on job placement and how to find an internship that’s right for you.

It’s okay if you’ve started college in the US and haven’t yet chosen your college major. Don’t rush it! Most colleges don’t require you to choose your major until your third year, which gives you plenty of room to explore your options before choosing a college major that’s right for you.

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