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Before you apply to the Ivy Leagues, it is helpful to learn the average SAT scores of these schools. You might find the numbers interesting or even encouraging as you apply.

Of course, if your scores are below the average range, you shouldn’t assume it means you can’t get in. After all, 50 percent of students who are accepted to these schools have SAT scores that are below the average.

But knowing the typical score range can give you an idea of whether you should take the SAT again or submit your current score.

Brown University

For Brown’s class of 2016, 28.5 percent of enrolled students scored between 700 and 740 on the critical reading section. For the writing section, 26 percent scored between 750 and 790. When it came to the math section, 26.9 percent scored between 700 and 740.

Columbia University

The middle 50 percent of students at Columbia had average total SAT scores between 2140 and 2330. More specifically, 46 percent scored between 760 and 800 on critical reading. Meanwhile, 53 percent scored between 760 and 800 on the math section and 49 percent scored in the same range for writing.

Cornell University

The average score on the SAT math section was 717, though the middle 50 percent of students at Cornell scored 720. The average score for critical reading was 685, while the 50th percentile had a score of 690. When these two sections are added together, the mean is 1401, though the middle 50 percent of students scored a 1420 altogether.

Dartmouth College

The mean SAT score for critical reading at Dartmouth was 736, while the average SAT score for math was 741. Students enrolled in the class of 2016 had a mean score of 743 for writing.

Harvard University

Harvard does not publish average SAT scores for admitted or enrolled students. However, it does mention the SAT scores of applicants each year. About 75 percent of applicants reportedly received between 700 and 800 in writing, critical reading and math.

Princeton University

The middle 50 percentile of students enrolled for the class of 2016 at Princeton got SAT math scores between 710 and 800. Similarly, the average SAT scores for writing fell between 710 and 800, while the critical reasoning average range was 700 to 790.

University of Pennsylvania

The middle 50 percent of the University of Pennsylvania’s enrolled students had SAT scores between 660 and 760 for writing. For critical reading, the average SAT scores were between 680 and 770, while the scores for math stayed between 690 and 780.

Yale University

Over 50 percent of the enrolled students for Yale’s class of 2016 scored 760 to 800 in writing. Similarly, just under 50 percent of students scored between 760 and 800 for math and critical reading, too.

If you scored far below these average SAT scores, find out if you can submit your ACT result instead, provided it is better. Just ask the admissions office of the Ivy League schools you are applying to in order to find out if you have to submit the score of the ACT, the SAT or both.

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