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Inexpensive Gifts for the Holidays

Gift box from www.audiolinks.comAs a college student, it’s no secret that you might not have a lot of extra cash, which means inexpensive gifts are all your loved ones will likely receive from you during the holidays. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to give inexpensive, thoughtful presents.

You can give a variety of gifts that require your time or talent more than your money, or you can just set a low budget for each present. Read on for some ideas, and feel free to branch off this list with some inexpensive gift ideas of your own.

Use Your Time Off To Your Advantage

Your last class of the semester might be days or even weeks before the winter holiday. This means you can use your college winter break wisely to make inexpensive gifts for loved ones.

For example, if you can knit or crochet, consider making a decorative pillow, scarf or blanket for friends and family members. If you prefer making jewelry, sculpting or painting, you can make unique and inexpensive gifts.

In addition, if you enjoy baking, you can make cookies, cupcakes or fudge from scratch. Wrap up the final product in appealing holiday cellophane and bows, and then put it all in a basket for an inexpensive gift that looks and tastes good.

Baked goods are not the only things that fit perfectly into a nice basket. You can purchase small items to put into a basket when you need inexpensive gifts. For example, some gourmet coffee and a mug can please any coffee lover, while popcorn, candy and soda are perfect inexpensive presents for fans of movie night.

Show Off Your Skills as a Student

Friends and family members who are younger than you will be pleasantly surprised when you offer to teach them skills that will help with academics or college in general. For example, you can offer to tutor younger siblings or friends still in high school so they can stop struggling with difficult subjects.

If you know high school students about to apply to college, you can offer advice on their application. You can even proofread their essay or help them set up a campus visit of their preferred college since many students do not even know where to start.

This inexpensive gift of your time could come in the form of gift certificates that state either what services you will provide, or how much time you will spend on the student’s needs. Keep in mind that even an older relative considering going back to school may appreciate this inexpensive but valuable present.

Studying Abroad?

If you know you’ve been studying in another country, you’ve lucked out! Many countries, such as Germany, have special holiday markets filled to the brim with unique, inexpensive gifts. Scarves, earrings and hats are all accessories you can usually find for low prices.

A novelty gift that is particular to the country — such as a specific brand of candy or chocolate — is also a great gift for those who like sweets.

Schedule Friend Dates

Your friends and close family members may want nothing more than to spend some time with you. For this reason, some of the best inexpensive gifts involve setting up a time to hang out with them one-on-one.

While taking them to a fancy dinner or out for a pedicure may be what you want to do, these kinds of friend dates can add up when it comes to the expenses. Instead, find a charming restaurant with lunch specials so you can treat your loved one without spending too much.

Even taking a friend or family member out for coffee, dessert or a matinee can serve as an inexpensive gift that allows you both to have fun.

What are some of the best inexpensive presents you have given or received?

2 Responses to “Inexpensive Gifts for the Holidays”

  1. Doug @ Says:

    Great list of gift giving ideas for college students. Unfortunately, my gift making skills are a little less than desirable, so that option would probably not be a good choice for me (or my family and friends). 😉

  2. Amy at University Language Says:

    Thanks for the comment! These ideas are just the beginning – there are many more!

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