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Easy Way to Find the Perfect College for You

An effective, easy and fun way to find the perfect college for you is now available for only $12.95.

New York–March 30,2010–On the search for the perfect college for you, an entire process has to be taken into account before beginning to write an admissions essay: deciding where to apply.

That’s why University Language Services has come up with something to make that process a little easier (and more fun!)–a guide (College Search Simplified) that helps narrow down a school.

This 65-page e-book helps students identify and prioritize the factors that most dramatically influence their decision process.

The first section identifies the type of school they want to attend through short quizzes that keep track of their preferences and focus the search. The answers determine a particular student’s needs, sorting by location, size, academics, social life and tuition cost.

Then, everything gets pulled together. The answers chosen for the quizzes are matched with available colleges, creating a short list of schools that fulfill the student’s needs–making finding the perfect college easier than ever! College Search Simplified also contains additional information about college visits, interviews and more.

Finding the perfect college can be tough–but after reading College Search Simplified and answering the questions, students will have taken the first steps in finding the perfect college for them.

About University Language Services:

Since 1983, University Language Services has specialized in the translation of academic transcripts, records and personal documents. The ULS website helps students make the most of their college experience with step-by-step guides on how to choose a school, apply to college and succeed on campus.

ULS translates, transcribes and interprets 150+ languages and dialects from its international headquarters in New York City and affiliated offices around the world.


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