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FREE College Tuition for International Students

Flags in Japan FREE college tuition to a US school.

That got your attention, didn’t it?

The Community College Summit Initiative Program offers just that to qualified international students

Of course, there are conditions.

  • The program is open only to students from Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa and Turkey (although Sally Rubenstone at Admissions Without Borders has heard that eligibility will be extended to students from Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ghana, and Nicaragua).
  • After earning a one-year certificate or two-year associate’s degree, students return to their home countries. In other words, don’t expect to transfer to a four-year US college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree.
  • Fields of study include agriculture, business management and administration, tourism and hospitality management, health professions including nursing, media, information technology, and engineering science.

Community colleges often are quite different from four-year colleges.

Most community colleges don’t have dorms or the number (or variety) of student activities you would find at larger colleges with an on-campus population.

Because of their proximity and lower tuition, the schools attract both adults and US students who have recently completed high school. The smaller tuition also appeals to international students.

For students who want a FREE taste of America along with a practical dose of education, the Community College Summit Initiative Program certainly should be considered.

Updated May 2010: New eligibility information for free college tuition for international students.

53 Responses to “FREE College Tuition for International Students”

  1. albert victor Says:

    please send me the application forms for the apllication for a tutuion free school in environmental engineering

  2. Diane Says:

    Albert: Sorry, I don’t have applications for tuition free schools that offer environmental engineering. Anybody have any suggestions?

  3. onwumelu sidney uzoma Says:

    GOOD DAY,am an internation student wishing to study in usa,i will love it if u will help me out with application form from any college that offer computer science and give scholarship to international student,or free tuition.

  4. Diane Says:

    Hundreds of schools offer computer science degrees.You will have to contact the college you wish to apply to in order to get an application. The college also will be able to tell you what financial aid you may be eligible for.

    In addition, ULS offers a scholarship contest for international students. Good luck!

  5. Abubakarr Barrie Says:


  6. Diane Says:

    If you’re not eligible for the program outlined above, there are few ways to get free tuition at a US college.

    However, you can apply for scholarships and attend schools that lower their costs for international students (see the post on in-state tuition for international students).

    Since the cost of college tuition is especially important to you, also look into Scripps College in California and Rice University in Texas. They both offer large scholarships to international students.

  7. Ibrahim Ismaila Says:

    hi,I am Ibrahim Ismaila.Just completed high school this year and it is my wish to study in usa after high school.i would like to study in any of the community college in Bronx for free tuition and education.It is my pleasure to receive school list there that would give me the scholarship and information about it all.Thank you for having time to read my mail and hope you would reply quikly.

  8. Nicole Says:

    Bronx Community College is part of the Community College Summit Initiative Program, and may be able to help you with tuition if you are eligible for the program. Contact the college to learn more about what they can offer you.

  9. Ben Says:

    hi,i am in ghana,and would like to study in one of the community colleges in usa with tuition free.please i would like you to help me with some list of them.nice to write you

  10. Diane Says:

    Ben, click on the link in the post for the Community College Summit Initiative Program to see if you are eligible.

  11. Akinwotu dapo Says:

    Is the Grant available to Nigerians, i am a 300level student here in Nigeria which University can i make a Transfer to for Free tuition. Thanks for ur anticipated reply. Lastly i will appreciate a link to where i can get a Full scholarship, here is my mail. Thanks

  12. bala muhammed Says:

    Dear Registrar,please i am a Ghanaian and i want to pursue my education further in USA,i will be very blissful if you send me the application forms concerning Business Management and Administration through the address below,
    Bala Muhammed,
    P.O. Box As 23085 Ash_Town,
    Kumasi,Ghana West Africa.
    Please if not possible you attach it with my mail address at
    Hoping to hear from you soon,bye.

  13. Ben Says:

    I am Ben,the one whom just wrote and you told him to check at the community college initiative if i am eligible.i have checked and i am,please can you provide me with some list of them.I am from Ghana

  14. Diane Says:

    @Akinwotu Dapo
    @Bala Muhammed

    For more information on the Community College Initiative Program, you will have to contact the administrators of the program here: There is contact information (including an email address) at the bottom of the page.

  15. bala muhammed Says:

    Dear Sir,
    i will contact the registrar and know how the forms may be thanks

  16. tonka Says:

    i would like to know if there is any free tuition college for cameroonian please let me know

  17. Polina Says:

    Tonka, I’m not sure if Cameroon qualifies for free tuition. To find out more information on the Community College Initiative Program, you will have to contact the administrators of the program here: There is contact information (including an email address) at the bottom of the page.

  18. Ashraf Says:

    Dear sir/madam
    I am Ashraf from Afghanistan and I
    live in Kuwait now; I finished my high school and preuniversity but my parent can not pay enough money for university and I don know what I have to do and I was also great in my class please help me that I continue my study I will be great full for that .
    Tank you. My email is:

  19. Emmanuel Abankwa Says:

    I am from Ghana and how can I apply for this scholarship stated above?Can the application be mailed to me?

  20. Polina Says:


    For more information on the Community College Initiative Program, you will have to contact the administrators of the program here: There is contact information (including an email address) at the bottom of the page.

  21. ASIF MAJID Says:

    I am from Pakistan and am interested in completing my graduation in Business or Accounting from a fee community college in America (MICHIGAN). Could you please send me the details of the program and the admission. Thanking you.. ASIF MAJID

  22. Polina Says:


    Pakistan is one of the countries selected by the Community College Initiative Program to spend one year studying at community colleges in the United States and earn a vocational certificate. contact the Public Affairs section of their local U.S. Embassy or binational Fulbright Commission for up-to-date information about the Community College Initiative Program.
    Here are the US Embassy sites for different parts of Pakistan:

    Good luck!

  23. Asif Says:

    Thankyou POLINA… GOD BLESS YOU..

  24. amanda Says:

    hie i am young girl in Zimbabwe who is looking for a university that will offer me a full scholarship because my mother is not able to fund for me to go to school and i reckon America is the best place

  25. Polina Says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Unfortunately, this particular program is not offered to students in Zimbabwe. However, have you head of The United States Student Achievers Program (USAP)? While the US Embassy itself does not offer scholarships, USAP assists highly-talented, economically-disadvantaged high school students to access higher education opportunities in the United States offered by top colleges and universities. Here is the USAP website for Zimbabwe:

    Good luck!

  26. dilshod Says:

    hi i am Dilshod Murodov from Uzbekistan 21 year old can you please give me further information about free tuition university or colleges thak you.

  27. Polina Says:

    Hi Dilshod,

    Unfortunately, this program is not offered to students from Uzbekistan. However, there are scholarships available to you. Have you heard of Seoul National University Graduate Scholarship For Excellent Foreign Students (GSFS Program)? It’s for graduate students, and Uzbekistan is one of the countries involved. Here’s a link to find out more information:
    Good luck!

  28. Rica Marie Says:

    i would like to know if there’s a free tuition to the people from the Philippines, i am currently in college here in New york and i am paying so much for my classes. i would like to know if i could get at lease the minimum payment of permanent residence students or to those that have citizenship. i would be so glad to hear your response. Thank you so much!

  29. Polina Says:

    Hi Rica,

    You can try to get a scholarship to help you pay for tuition. There are many Filipino scholarships available. Here is a list from FastWeb:

    Best of luck!

  30. Bright Nsiah Says:

    Please i’m interested in enrolling in one of your institution to pursue a diploma or degree in computer technology

  31. Polina at University Language Says:


    University Language Services is not affiliated with any college or university. There are many schools in the US that have computer technology programs. You can begin your research by determining what state you would like to be in and how much money you’re prepared to spend on tuition — that will narrow down your list of potential colleges!

  32. ATEKWANA IVO N Says:

    For more information on the Community College Initiative Program

  33. Obu Frederick Says:

    Hi,am an international student wishing to study in the USA,i will love it if u will help me out with application form from any college that offer computer science and give scholarship to international students,or free tuition.i will be very grateful.

  34. Polina at University Language Says:


    We do not provide any forms on our website.To get an application form for a college, you have to visit their website.

  35. Aminul Says:

    dear sir,
    I am a student of bangladesh.Is it eligible for me as a bangladeshi student to get admit to a community college?But there is a problem ,I think if i face visa with a i-20 of a community college they won’t want to give visa because of its low quality ///is it right/not? pls write your remark to me. thank you.

  36. Polina at University Language Says:


    This particular program is not open to students from Bangladesh, but I’m sure that there are programs out there that are. This article about Bangladeshi students in the US may give you some ideas:

  37. Dmitriy Says:

    Hy! Does this programm apllied for Uzbek students?

  38. Diane at University Language Says:

    Dmitriy, details may change from year to year, so click on the link in the post to find out for sure!

  39. virtue Says:

    please do your school do post graduate diploma in agriculture, if so how can i apply. and do international students pay school fees.
    thank you.

  40. Diane at University Language Says:

    @virtue: University Language Services isn’t a college, but we do our best to help college applicants and current students! You will have to contact schools individually to find out what programs they offer and how to apply.

  41. reginald essel Says:

    pls i need application form for hospitality management.

  42. Ronen at University Language Says:

    You’ll have to check with the schools you are interested in applying to in order to get their application forms. If you need help on how to complete the application form and where to go from there though, hopefully our website can help you out!

  43. adeoye abayomi Says:

    please how can i apply for admistrative course in the college

  44. Diane at University Language Says:

    Adeoye, please contact the college where you want to apply for specific instructions!

  45. Humphrey D. Matemba Says:

    I am looking for an international scholarship so that I can study at any American college or university

  46. jose ngomo edu Says:

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am a high school diploma student of Equatorial Guinea and i live in my country.
    I want to study in a college or university of U.S.A.
    but i do not have money to pay the cost to study in U.S.A. so that i need a scholarship.
    Please help me to obtain a scholarsip to study in U.S.A.

  47. abel Says:

    iam abel weldeab i come from eritrea, but iam here in sudan as a refuge.i got diploma from college of business and economics in eritrea.but had’nt an opportiunity to continue higer grade becouse of the present stuation in eritrea. so how can apply. thank you.

  48. ANYANWU UCHE Says:

    Is this programme extended to Graduate Students?


    Dear sir/madam i am a camerronian student age 20years old looking for a scholarship to further my studies.I have completed my high school and i am in the University of Yaounde II soa .I am also insearch of a sponsor that can help me through. thanks for understanding.

  50. Amy at University Language Says:

    We offer scholarships throughout the year. Stay tuned for our next one. In the meantime, check with your university to see what scholarships they offer.

  51. abimbola Says:

    i will be glad if you can send the application form to me,am already a master student in social welfare and presently on evaluation and test and measurement but wish to study nursing in any of the free tuition university,i will be glad if u reply me in earnest.thks

  52. adewale Says:

    i wish to have a taste of international study,i will be more appreciative if application form is send to me,i have taste of study up to postgraduate level inmy country but wish to study business management and administration, i will be glad if you can send it.

  53. Amy at University Language Says:

    Please check with the individual community colleges you are applying to for applications. We do not have application forms.
    Good luck!

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