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Finding Independence: Alisa Vinje

University of North Dakota campusWhat is high school junior Alisa Vinje looking forward to most when she enters college?

“It may sound weird,” she says, “but I’m definitely most excited for the classes.”

Alisa plans to study mass communications with a minor in Japanese. She likes “the idea of analyzing advertisements and media as well as figuring out how people are affected by these outlets.” Alisa also loves the idea of creating for a wide audience.

Her second place-winning scholarship entry featured the University of North Dakota. The campus appeared “friendly, calm, independent and simple” to Alisa, reminding her of what she looks for in a college.

“Mainly I look for the hidden nooks and crannies of the campus,” she says of her college visits. “These areas are often outdoors and near some type of garden – they are very peaceful and give me the sense of freedom that college often stands for.” She also appreciates good architecture on a campus, believing that buildings can show a school’s culture and tradition.

In addition, Alisa is excited about the independence of college life, which she’s anticipated since the fifth grade. “The truth is that by the time you reach college, you’re practically on your own…You are the one making your own decisions,” she says. She looks forward to living with a roommate, as well.

Alisa brought a considerable amount of determination to the scholarship competition. She says, “I can’t be any more thankful for all of the amazing people who campaigned and voted constantly for me.”

College will provide a great opportunity for Alisa to continue applying this determination to her studies. Her enthusiasm shone through in her scholarship entry, and it will help make her a great candidate for many colleges. Best of luck, Alisa!

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