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Most Expensive Colleges in the US

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Tuition at most US colleges is expensive, and getting more so. With the prospect of a lifetime of debt a reality for many students, college price tags are an important consideration in choosing which school to attend.

To help you in your college search, here are the top 10 most expensive four-year not-for-profit colleges – both public and private — according to US News data.

Top 10 Most Expensive Public Colleges 2016-2017



Tuition & Fees

1. University of Virginia



2. Virginia Military Institute



3. College of William and Mary



4. University of California – San Diego



5. University of California – Davis



6. University of California – Santa Barbara



7. University of Vermont



8. University of California – Riverside



9. University of California – Santa Cruz



10. University of California – Berkeley



Top 10 Most Expensive Private Colleges 2016-2017



Tuition & Fees

1. Harvey Mudd College



2. Columbia University



3. University of Chicago



4. Sarah Lawrence College



5. Claremont McKenna College



6. Scripps College



7. New York University



8. University of Southern California



9. Darmouth College



10. Haverford College



How to Utilize This Data

The tuition rates above include the total for tuition and room and board for out-of-state students. Additional student fees are not included. However, also not included is a look at the impact of available scholarships, fellowships and other means of financial aid.

If you’re serious about attending one of the above colleges or universities, you shouldn’t be scared away by the initial sticker price. Before crossing a potential school off your list, look into all avenues of financial aid and rewards, including those offered through the school and those available from outside vendors.

You can also contact the school’s financial aid office to get a better sense of what students from different income families are actually paying each year and how likely you are to receive a substantial financial aid packet.

Whatever college you choose to attend, be aware of the cost of tuition when applying to colleges and develop a realistic financial plan for your future to help make sure that you avoid unnecessary college debt.

Hopefully, the most expensive colleges in the US will soon find a way to reduce costs in the near future. In the meantime, all prospective college students must still seriously consider the cost of tuition when choosing a college.

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